Friday, September 24, 2010

17 weeks

Hi guys,

Well if you hadn't read the side ticker from twitter, the answer is BLUE! It appears we are having a little boy. I was a little disappointed because I would have preferred a girl. Purely because I have 4 sisters so I kind of get girls plus all our friends have boys and I didn't want to have the inevitable comparisons either from my side or theirs. But that said, I'm happy we have a healthy critter there. GB is ecstatic. As we were walking back to the car I said to GB "Boys pee right into your face you know". It lightened the mood :) We've let a few people in on the news of the sex but will wait till it's confirmed at our 19 week scan just to be safe, before we go nuts with boy stuff.

My sister's wedding went off without too major a hitch on saturday night. She looked stunning! Wouldn't be surprised if the duck is born with boning marks in his head from my dress though. It was so constricting I could only eat one mouthful of food before having to stand up to let it go down! Add this to my boob to knee skinny minny I was wearing underneath and wowser it was a miracle I didn't faint! I would not be able to hack living in the 1800's!!!  At one stage I asked hubby to go to the hotel (across the road where we were staying overnight) and get me a pair of undies to change into but he couldn't find mine so bought a pair of his! I told him I didn't think having visible panty line from men's jocks was really appropriate so I sucked it up. Anyway, here's a pic of me from the ceremony (It was so flipping cold up the bell tower!!!). The wind was pushing the dress against my legs making it even less flattering - oh well!

Anyhoo GB has taken off this morning up to Kalbarri (about 6hrs north of Perth) for a weekend with the boys. He's back on Monday. I am so looking forward to a weekend to myself!! It's my mum's birthday today so my sister and I are taking her out for dinner, but aside from that all the weekend is my own. I'm going to go shopping on saturday to buy some maternity clothes as I'm so depressed about being so frumpy in my normal clothes. It will be nice to be visibly pregnant rather than looking fat. I want to buy some bathers so I can start aqua aerobics, plus some pants for work and a few basics tops. I've bought 10 sessions of pregnancy pilates too which I'll start next Wednesday.

My food intake ... well it hasn't been good. I've been craving carbs like no-one's business! The band is still working, I PB if I eat too much like normal so that's been a reality check. I've put on about 4.5kgs since I fell pregnant which I think is pretty awful. Hopefully now all the wedding/moving (My other sister built a house and moved into it 2 weeks ago) shenanigans are over, I'll be able to get into a regular exercise routine again. It's so hard to see weight go on when the last 2 years have been all about seeing the weight come off. I've had some really down days I have to say.

Anyhoodily, must do some work I guess!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Duck at 16 weeks

Team Blue or Pink? Cast your vote.

It decided to moon us tonight - what a charmer!

sorry not sure how to rotate the pic within blogger!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fat Girl Slim

Calling Fatgirl Slim: I missed your post saying your blog was moving and your old site has gone. If you're still stopping by, leave me a comment with your new site - or if anyone else knows where she is, please let me know!

16 weeks

Sorry I've been slack in blogworld lately. Have been really busy at work and with my sister's wedding coming up and of course now I'm sick as the proverbial dog. Started last week with sore throat and now have the mutha of all coughs and my asthma is out of control. Dr Google says my Bricanyl inhaler is ok to use while pregnant but will check with the OB tomorrow about whether I can take anything stronger. Today I barely have a voice too which is a great excuse not to answer my phone! Neither GB or I have slept for 2 nights now with my incessant coughing so we're like zombies today. Unfortunately I've had to come into work as my admin assistant is on leave this week so my receptionist would have been here on her own and unable to have a break or get mail etc. But I think I'll probably head home after she's had lunch.

My other sister got the keys to the house she's built on Friday so we spent Saturday helping her move in. I'm proud of her, she's done it by herself and it's a great place. I couldn't really help with the heavy lifting so I did what I could and helped her wash all her cutlery, plates etc that have been in storage for a year. Unfortunately she's still waiting for her friend's hubby to paint so we couldn't properly unpack everything but I know she'd be loving being in her own place after living with my sister & her fiance for nearly a year!

Going to have our final fitting and pick up our bridesmaid dresses tonight. We had a fitting a week ago and although tighter than it should be on me, it did up so all I needed was to have the length taken up. I'm stressing a little bit though coz in the past week my belly seems to have popped out - I'm even having to use one of those belly belt things on my work pants today!

We had my sister's hens night last saturday night (not the one just gone). It went really well. We hired a suite at a hotel in the city and had a "cellar tea" rather than a kitchen tea in the afternoon. Guests bought her a bottle of wine to stock her cellar rather than kitchen stuff. Plenty of food which was awesome. Then a select few of us headed to Northbridge for mexican food (bride's fave). We bought everyone sombrero's and to my sister's we stitched in a veil. It looked hilarious. Some guy offered us $30 for 3 of the hats during the night so score (they only cost $5 each!).

In other news two cousins of mine got engaged in the past couple weeks. Not to each other :). One lives in London, the other in Melbourne so I suspect another expensive year coming up (coz having a baby isn't expensive enough!).

As much as I'm looking forward to my sister's wedding on Saturday, gosh I'll be glad when it's all over! Before the dreaded cold hit I had been feeling better, only getting an occasional wave of nausea, throwing up and being fine after. And managed to go to the gym 3 times last week! Have borrowed my sister's exercise bike so when I don't feel like going to the gym, I can at least whip into 10-15mins at a time on the bike. Better than nothing. That's the plan anyway, we'll see if it turns into a clothes stand!

Anyway, enough about me, how's things with you?