Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This week in my life...

Well I'm loving the fact that I can eat most things again without too much trouble but without too much ease. I wish however that I was making better food choices! My weightloss has slowed to a crawl. But I haven't been eating well and not exercising so I can totally see why! Back on the exercise wagon this week for sure.

Had a massive weekend Fri-Mon down south to check out possible wedding venues. Two of my sisters came down (and my sister's boyfriend too) and we camped at a caravan park between Busselton and Dunsborough. About 3hrs from Perth for you out of towners (ie everyone I think!). Westie loves camping and it was her first trip to the beach this summer. Last year she was a bit tentative about the water, only going in if we threw her in. On Saturday though we went to the beach. GB took her off the lead and she ran straight into the water and swam for a few metres before turning around and coming back to sure. Had a run in the sand, then went for another swim. It was so great to see!

So we checked out many a winery and some retreats to see where we should hold the wedding. Which meant of course, A LOT of wine tasting. Someone has to do it! And with camping and wine tasting comes food glorious food! I was pretty good when we sat down to eat properly. I had one sausage each time we had a bbq, and a salad for lunch one day. But the in between meals snacking.... yeah not good! Oh well, it's one weekend right! We had an awesome lunch at Knee Deep winery (great wine too). I highly recommend it to anyone heading that way. It was a tight race between Knee Deep and Watershed, but we think we've decided on Watershed. It's closer to one town (Margaret River) which means we don't have to organise transport from Dunsborough too (which we would if at KD); plus it's a gorgeous venue, stunning views and we can have the ceremony there. KD doesn't quite have the same WOW factor, although we found another place close by which would be great for the ceremony but there just felt like too many things could go wrong. Shame really coz it's a great place and the chef and restaurant manager are fantastic.

Ugh weddings... Engaged only a month and ready over the organisation of it. Flowers, photographers, accomodation, bus service, chair covers... I mean really! I can't believe my life is being consumed like this! I wish I could afford JLo and her wedding planner headset! But till I get that one powerball, this will be all me and GB.

LBG - Made your awesome risotto last night! It was SO tasty! Not bad for my first effort, although the rice needed to cook for a few more minutes as it was a bit crunchy! I was a bit more liberal with the wine too :) GB and I ate it all up too!

Went to the gym last night - did 30mins on the Fat Burner Level 4 on the bike and then some crunches. Had to go after that to get to the TAFE to sign up for a parttime Auslan course (to learn sign language). Tonight I'm going to play squash with GB. He bought me a new racquet for christmas so I'm sure my game will improve now!!!

Well that'll do for now!

Em :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Measurements Updated

Check out the Measurements page, updated for the first time since June. I've now lost 98cm in total, which I think is pretty bloody awesome!

Westie's new lawn

As our new place has even less garden in the backyard (about 2 feet wide across the back fence, that's it!), we decided to pull up some paving around the side and put down some turf so Westie had a place to "go".  She's been very confused the poor love.... and trampling our new flowers!! Here she is, 5 mins after putting it in.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Sniff, cough, splutter

As irony would have it, I have a cold. In summer. I had Wednesday off to help GB finish cleaning our rental and woke up with the sorest throat in the world. By mid afternoon I was walking around carrying a tissue box and plastic bag tucked into my shorts. As luck would have it I had a dinner party to organise. My cousin was over from the UK so I had invited her, my aunty & uncle, my mum, my two sisters and one of their partners over for dinner. So I'm catering for 9 people in a house that's barely unpacked in a kitchen I've yet to use. I decided to make canneloni with grilled mediterranean vegies. In my mind I thought we'd just do the vegies on the BBQ. Of course I'd totally forgotten that we had natural gas outside for the BBQ in the old place but not in the new so we had to convert back to gas bottles which we hadn't done yet. Awesomesauce. So I smoked out the kitchen cooking vegies on a skillet and a frypan. Needless to say the canneloni was a bit dry by the time I'd finished! But it was pretty successful and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves which was good.

I took Thursday and Friday off as I was barely able to keep my head off the pillow. On Friday, GB put shelving up in our "harry potter room" (the room under the stairs). We're extremely cupboard deficient in the kitchen so this was a way to combat those issues. He did an amazing job. Saturday morning we woke up to voicemail on both our mobiles. It seems the department we work for required as down in Kirup for a bushfire which was happening down that way. Although we weren't on call, the one that was had been deployed elsewhere so they were scrambling for numbers. I was in no condition to go so I had to say no to that chunk of double time (the wedding fund groans) but GB took off. So it was just me and Westie for the weekend. I think she also has a cold as she has been sneezing heaps lately!

On Sunday I decided to get out of the house and took my sisters to the Bridal Expo at Burswood. I think it would be worth it for people who are ready to book things but as we weren't I was a bit disappointed to not even get a free bit of cake for my $15 entry!  I did talk to a woman who worked for the House of Tartan about taking in GB's kilt as it's massively too big for him now. She said it would probably cost $300. I reckon it would be cheaper to hire one!!! Also spoke to a place that does personalised chocolates. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm So before the expo we went to an italian place for lunch. My fettucine did NOT go down well (although it came up quite well!) which was disappointing.

I cancelled our appointment with Watson this week as I am happy with the fill removal from a couple weeks ago and GB is happy where he is at the moment. So I've made an appointment for mid March which will be 1 year on from the band! Less than 3 weeks till we're off to KL and Phuket - I can't wait! I'm going to look SO much better in my bathers than I did last time we were there!

Hope everyone else is travelling well. I'll jump over to your blogs and check up on ya. Don't forget to leave a comment for me - I'm a comment whore!

Em :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Food Glorious Food

Such relief as it's never been felt before! Had 0.25mls removed yesterday so I now have 4.75mls in my band. I felt instant relief and managed to drink my iced coffee in about 30mins instead of 6 hours. Then for lunch had 4 california sushi rolls. DELISH. Dinner went to a friend's place for her b'day and had 4 bites of a soft taco and half a potato and half a piece of chocolate cake. Awesomesauce. Today I ate lemon chicken and some fried (I know, I know) rice for lunch. I'm still feeling restriction when I should but NO PB's!!! It's bloody awesome. I fully expect to put on some weight next week due to no exercise while we're moving house (unless you count lugging couches around) and finally eating food which I hadn't for 3 weeks, but that's ok. I hope to get some energy back too! Although I only lost 1kg since boxing day - although the alcohol has gone down fine and about the only food that stayed down was crap so I guess that's understandable!

Was supposed to have the day off work to help GB move some of the bigger stuff (he couldn't wait till next week so we're doing it now), but got interrupted at 11am from a phone call from my sister. She was having an operation today but forgot to bring her CT scan. So I had to go to the hospital to get her keys, to her place to get the scans, get fuel (0 Kms to empty is scary!), go back to the hospital and take her scans to her and then finally back home. We ate some chinese for lunch then were just getting back into loading up the truck when I got a call from my receptionist. She was the only admin person in the office and had a "lady issue" whilst wearing white pants and was freaking out a tad. So I had to come into work and cover reception and phones until 5pm. 5mins to go! Isn't being the boss the greatest! Anyway so many interruptions makes me wonder if we're meant to be moving today or not! Oh well.

Anyway must be off...

Have a great weekend all!

Em :)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Fill removal

Got into see dr fill tomorrow at 830am thank goodness! The only solid food that has stayed down lately is 2 sushi rolls yesterday!