Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wedding goal achieved!

At a pub so can't write much. Just wanted to say I weighed in at 74.9kg so finally reached my wedding goal! Also in said pub I'm currently wearing size 12 top and jeans! Yay me !!!

I look like a spazz in this photo coz it's 2000 degrees and like 100% humidity! So yeah it's hot!

Em :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Easy come, easy go

Well I put on 300g this week. Which I think should have been impossible given my band has been super tight and I've been PBing and having night  reflux all bloody week! I'm not sure if it's related but I went off the pill a couple of weeks ago. It's the first time I've been off it since I was 16! I wondering if my hormones have gone all nuts because of it because for the past week I've felt bloated like I was going to get my period and the PB/night reflux is also something I would normally have around period time but no period has eventuated. Do you think I've used the word period enough in that sentence? Well I won't use it again. Period. I've also been backed up all week, something which I just took care of at work unfortunately post weighin. And that concludes this week's Too Much Information blog paragraph.

If all the night reflux doesn't settle down over the weekend I think I'll have to get some fill removed. Pooey.

Baxter started Puppy kindy last night and he was a little superstar! Then he turned into a devil dog at bedtime and proceeded to hump Westie's bed for a good 15mins whilst looking at himself in the mirror. It was farking horrific. In the end I put him on our bed to settle him down to sleep. And this morning I awoke to find 2 turds & 2 pee stains on the carpet in our activity room. Little bastard. When he's there just with Westie, he does his business outside no probs, we never come home to any accidents. But when we're home he seems to think he has free reign to do it wherever he pleases. Grrrrr ... Fricken puppies.

Wedding wise, things are coming together and the bills are coming in thick and fast! I got pissed off at one of our friends though and this is why. We sent out Save the Date's about a year ago with the date of the wedding and venue. Then the formal invitations went out first week of January with an RSVP date of 5th Feb. At the beginning of Feb, GB sent this friend of ours (as well as a few others) a reminder that the RSVP was due on the 5th. Said friend calls us on the 5th when we were driving back from Geraldton with Baxter asking "when do we actually have to have RSVP numbers finalised because he'd like to come but he has soccer, his kids etc to organise so he's not sure if he can do it blah blah blah". Sorry, but 1 year isn't enough time to sort your shit out? Caught off guard we say the 20th. Then last week I thought screw it, he's had ample time so I told him I needed numbers on the 11th and he says he's sorry but can't come. Which is fine. Which also would have been fine if he said it by the 5th of Feb. I can't believe he wanted more time! People from overseas and eastern states have enough time to RSVP on time! Farker!!! End vent.

Got my final wedding dress fitting on Monday, had hair and makeup trials Tuesday just gone. GB is going to see the DJ in Bunbury tomorrow. Still have a heap of smaller things to do but I think we're on track.

Still doing the Couch to 5k program. Started Week 3 this week. On Monday GB and I did our normal 5km lunch walk as 60 second run/walk intervals. It was really humid and it's so hilly I thought I might actually die, but I got through it! Although had to have 90 second walk breaks up the hills!

Big thanks to Sally too for nominating me for a Beautiful Blogger Award! There are pay it forward rules that come with it so will give it some thought and try to post them over the weekend sometime.

Anyhoo, best be doing some work!

Em :)

PS - Forgot to put in my NSV this week. I needed new 3/4 workout trackies so went to Target as they had 20% off. Walked out with size 12 and they fit thank you very much! mwah ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Friday, February 12, 2010

Kicked that plateau to the curb

SOOOOOO close to my wedding goal! I even did a few star jumps in the bathroom this morning - which, FYI, is not a pretty look when you're doing them naked! So today I weighed in at 75.1kgs. A whopping great loss of 1.7kg this week! I can't remember the last time I lost that sort of number in one week without it relating to TTOM. To  be honest I haven't been doing anything massively different except for that Couch to 5k program and also last weekend I was REALLY restricted. I even did this loss still eating my chocolate and drinking my light iced coffee!

I made an awesome and super easy salad last night for dinner out of the Woman's Weekly Salad book. Here's the recipe:

Goats Cheese, Fig & Proscuitto salad

150g Goats Cheese
4-6 large figs
6 slices of proscuitto
180g rocket

Grill the proscuitto till crispy and drain off excess oil, roughly chop.
quarter the Figs
crumble the goats cheese (put it in the freezer for 10mins to make it easier to crumble)
Combine and toss!

1 tblsp wholegrain mustard
1/4 cup cider vinegar
1 tblsp olive oil
1 tblsp honey

Yummo! This served 4 of us as a side salad (a main for me) comfortably.

Was going to post some more gratutious pics of Baxter but for some reason I'm having huge issues uploading pics from work so may have to try a different way. Baxter is a great little dog, going outside to do his "business" most of the time and he's sleeping through the night. We have come home to a few messes though. On Wednesday it was drizzling rain all day which made our mulch wet which meant we could tell exactly where he'd been all day! Also the same day he decided to eat the bottom of the bin out (we just hang a plastic bag to the pantry door) so there was rubbish across the house and backyard! And he's enjoying eating the agapantha plant out the back too! oh well!

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="277" caption="Puppy footsteps"][/caption]

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="277" caption="Rubbish!"][/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="277" caption="Baxter"][/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="277" caption="Another Bax pic!"][/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="277" caption="Westie, Baxter and their Dad"][/caption]

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sneak Peak...and a long diatribe about the new puppy!

So I popped on the scales this morning to see..... 75's.... NO SHIT. First time in a LONG time that I've weighed less after a weekend from my Friday weigh in. Of course it could have something to do with the fact we got called out to Dwellingup (100kms south of Perth) for a fire yesterday. So had to be up at 3.30am and worked till 7pm. Had a salad for lunch and PB'd the thing all afternoon. Not great. Decided to go with a cold milo for dinner when I got home which did stay down thank goodness.

Last week I restarted the Couch to 5k program. Already had the podcasts downloaded from when I attempted it a few years ago and after 4 weeks was only on week 2! But feel better about it this time around. Did the week 1 program, three times last week. Normally when I run I do it around 8km/hr. Not terribly fast...especially when I walk around 7km/hr! So decided to up the tempo this time around (was on the treadmill at the gym so it is easier to regulate). Week 1 is intervals of 60seconds running, 90 seconds brisk walk. So I ran at 9km/hr for 7 intervals and then for the last one I ran at 9.7km/hr! YAY! On the 3rd session on Thursday I even did the last interval at 10km/hr! I kept the walking to about 6.7km/hr. Tonight I'll start on the Week 2 program so will see how I go.

In addition to the running I've been doing the bike at the gym still (30mins if no running, 20mins if running). Still pilates on a Thursday too.

And yes we got our new pooch, Baxter on Friday! We've been looking at getting Westie a friend to keep her company and had started enquiring with breeders. We thought we had one sussed that would mean she'd deliver pups in Feb and they'd be ready for pickup after the wedding. Unfortunately, that pooch decided not to go on heat as planned and so subsequently didn't get preggers. We made some more calls and found out we'd basically have to wait a whole other year for a puppy as they'd just gone through their cycles and we'd missed it. Then one of them recommended an unregistered breeder who had puppies in Geraldton ready to go. We had a talk - spending some of the wedding money now - what would we do with 2 dogs while we're away? etc etc. Decided it was meant to be. So we drove up to Gero - took just under 4hrs - and went to meet this lady. She had 3 males to choose from. They were all great dogs. The one we chose was actually the biggest. We thought we'd choose the runt of the litter but his ears were already up and GB wasn't happy with that! I have no idea why. Anyway "Mr Yellow" (she had paint dots on their heads to tell them apart) came straight up to us for a cuddle, then went and played with his mum & dad and brothers and then came back and sat on my foot. So he became - Baxter.

He's been a fantastic dog so far. He's 11 weeks old. He's already worked out the doggy door at our place. He was getting in ok but struggling to get out so GB decided to make him a ramp. He was measuring it up and cutting the wood and Baxter just started bounding in and out the door to see what he was doing! So obviously doesn't need the ramp! He's had a few accidents inside but has been going outside too. He's been only whinging for 5mins when we put him to bed in our ensuite (we've put a divider across the door to keep him on the tiles) and then he sleeps most of the night, only waking to cry to tell GB he needs the toilet - goes outside and then back to sleep til about 7am! Awesome! He's got TONNES of energy though. He goes psycho nuts playing, chewing whatever for about 30mins then he crashes and sleeps for an hour.. then repeats it again!

Westie was happy on Friday when we brought him home, then standoffish on Saturday when he hadn't left yet but they're firm friends now. She even pushed his bum through the doggy door and helped him up the stairs! SOOO cute! He can't get down the stairs yet though. Gotta enroll him in puppy preschool this week, try and train him a bit!

Anyway, better do some work I guess! Have caught up on most blogs, but haven't had too much time to comment, sorry. Oh I installed firefox (as opposed to Internet Explorer) on my PC and am now finding it heaps easier to comment on blogger blogs which is great. I've also set up RSS feeds for everyone's blogs whom I'm following so I get a notification if you've posted a new blog! YAY for technology!

Em :)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Introducing Baxter!

Going to try to work out how to remotely add a pic of our new puppy Baxter! I say remotely because I'm using the Wordpress app on my iPhone coz I can't be buggered going upstairs to the laptop! Anyway He's 10 weeks old and already a champ! We had to pick him up from Geraldton yesterday which is over 400km north of Perth. He was fantastic on the 4hr drive home and slept most of the way. He and Westie got along pretty well last night and he only whined for 5mins before sleeping til 7am this morning! His teeth ate sooooo sharp tho! and he's a bit of a genius having already worked out how to use the doggy door. He can get in but is having some troubles using it to get out but he'll get there! Were very excited!

Oh yeah lost 200g last week. Blah