Monday, March 31, 2008

Recovery Day 12

Hey kids,

Back at work today - bummer! This past 10 days off work, even though I've been sore and grumpy at times has been a really terrific break. GB and I just hanging out together, watching tv and movies, playing with Westie, going for walks, relaxing it's been really great.

So it took me most of this morning to go through all my emails! It's weird, the past week or so I could go from having my morning Optifast shake for breakfast around 8.30am and go through till 3pm before I started getting hungry. Today though I had my shake at 7am, was hungry by 10am so I had a Multi-V juice box; had a cup a soup for lunch at just after 12 and here it is, 2.15pm and I'm hungry AGAIN!!! What's that about?

My scars are healing nicely, mostly. The larger ones are anyway. The small one on the right is still weeping where the glue has come off and although I'm keeping it covered with one of those waterproof dressings, my skin around it is becoming irritated and red so I might go to the chemist after work and look for something else to cover it with. The others are drying up all good though.

GB is cracking on fantastically. I think he's up to about 12kgs lost. Everyone has been noticing (especially today at work). We've only told our immediate family about the surgery. We told everyone else that we went away for Easter and are on a super strict diet for at least a month (to cover invites out while we're on the fluid and mushie stages). GB did crack a kilkenny or two last night though to celebrate our purchase as we had a couple of friends over. Anyway he's looking fabulous, he's tummy is flattening and his face is so thin! I'll see if he'll let me take a pic and post it tonight. I'm so proud of him!

My weight loss has slowed down as expected - I'm at 6.7kg lost which I'm happy with. I'd like to be around 7-10kgs lost by the 1 month mark and our fill appointment.

We've both got a goal for July 26th as that's when we're off to Europe for 6 weeks. I want to lose 20kgs by then and GB wants to be around 100kg mark. I think he'll have no problems doing that at all.

Day 11 Recovery

I'm freaking out. We just put in an offer to buy a townhouse and it was accepted! Holy moly! We bought it as an investment but it is truly gorgeous - I love it. Lucky we won't be eating much anymore coz we are going to have to tighten our spending!!

Just wanted to share. I'm excited.

Recovery wise - I'm itchy! Have a bit of pain where the port is but it could be just my stomach churning with this development today!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Recovery Day 9

Felt as good as I have since last Wednesday today. No shoulder pain, very little abdo pain - it was awesome. Unfortunately my incision on the RHS started weeping. Hadn't got an email back from Watson so called the surgery this morning and explained the situation and asked whether Watson wants to see me or if I should go to my GP. The reception chick said she'd ask him in between consults and get back to me. Meanwhile, I go get my nails done. 3 hrs later I ring them back and explain in more detail, colour etc, and she says yep come in at 5.15pm. Spewing as I was in the area and now I'd have to go all the way back a couple hours later. But I sucked it up. He had a look at the pussy one and said it's looking better compared to the photos I'd sent. The one that was weeping he said was fine, it was just where the glue was coming off and to keep it covered for a couple of days. He gave me a prescription for antibiotics but said to leave it till after the weekend and only fill it if I think the pussy one is getting worse. He seemed not too concerned so maybe I shouldn't be either.

He also gave me a copy of Paul O'Brien's new lapband book. Will give it a read and let you guys know what I think.

Anyhoo gotta go, our media centre won't play HD and GB is about to have a fit.

Em :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Recovery Day 8

Ugh. When will the shoulder tip pain end? Just when you think you're on the mend, it drags you back in. GB on the other hand has announced he's 100% back to normal. Well good for him. I'm itchy as hell too. You know how when you get really sunburned and you start peeling and your shirt catches on the peeling skin and its gross? Well that's the relationship I'm having with my glue and it's on my stomach - icky! Emailed Watson pics of my wounds and haven't heard back yet. They don't seem to be getting worse and they're not sore or anything so I'm sure it'll be ok.

For some reason I still cant sleep on my left side which BP (before banding) was my preferred side. Now I get the ripper shoulder pain coursing through my body - not fun. So it's sleep on my back or right side or nothing. Actually I'm sleeping pretty well at the moment so I shouldn't complain.

Weight wise - I've been sitting on a 5.5kg loss for 3 or 4 days now and as of yesterday GB had lost 9kg - In one week that's amazing! You can really tell in his face and stomach too. I'm so proud of him. We're both so sick of fluids though - bring on the mushie stage!!!!

My thong broke today :(

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Recovery - Day 6

Well I'm feeling a lot better today. I had a good night's sleep with no shoulder tip pain at all too. It's still difficult to bend and my abdomen is still quite sore but my gas pain has really disapated. Don't get me wrong - I am buggered. Really tired. This morning we went to Office works, then to my dad's for my sister's 6th birthday for an hour, then to the shops for 30mins, then to my nonna's for about 30mins and I was ready for a nap! GB is suffering a bit today. Yesterday he had some diarrhoea and today he's had gas pain in the chest. He's in bed now with some soup. Hopefully he'll feel better soon.

Some of my wounds look a bit funny, the small one in the middle at the top looks a bit pussy and the two small ones on each side are almost black. I took some photos yesterday so I'm going to email them to Doc Watson to see what he thinks.

Neither of us have been too hungry which is good, but both of us are feeling quite lethargic so better start downing some berocca I think.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Recovery - Day 4

Today I'm finally starting to feel a bit normal. I'm super tired though and carrying my belly around like I'm preggers, but I can nearly see the light. It's been a tough few days since getting home on Thursday. Haven't eaten much at all - a bit of soup or jelly and some water is about it. Chewing on de-gas pills as much as I can tolerate. That peppermint tea should be kept for torture because it tastes like poo. The shoulder tip pain has been nearly unbearable at times. I've been hot and cold - running the a/c full time and GB is freezing the poor love. In a lovely twist of fate, my period rocked up on Thursday and I'm not due for 2 more weeks. I can only assume that the anaesthetic, stress or pills have had this effect. Our lovely pooch Westie has been fantastic. Dogs must sense when things are up because she hasn't jumped up on me once since getting home, and barely leaves my side. Have lost 4.4kgs since Wednesday morning! GB has lost just slightly more.

My arm has lovely bruises on it where I've had not 1 but 3 IV's! Not sure what that was all about - didn't think to ask. The stomach wounds have been glued together as previously explained by Doc Watson. They're all looking ok.

I had what I can only assume to be a PB (Productive Burp) on Friday. My wind pain was terrible and I thought I was going to vomit which terrified me as I had been taking anti nausea pill to stop this as it can cause the band to slip. I ran into the bathroom and kind of .... well "hurked" is the only word I can think of. It wasn't a vomit, it kind of came from my chest rather than stomach, and I burped as some spit came up.

So if I can get this wind pain under control I'd feel a whole lot better. GB took Westie for a walk to the shops to get the paper today and has realised that he's not superman, feeling pretty sore for his efforts. I walked to the letterbox and back and was knackered!

Anyway, happy easter and have and egg and a hot cross bun for me!


Hey all,

I have survived! Still fairly sore and that shoulder tip pain is a killer. Thought I'd try to reccap what happened on Wednesday.

GB's dad picked us up from home and headed to St John of God Hospital for our 8am admission. Signed a few more forms and was taken up to our room. Yes we got to share a room which was sensational! A couple of nurses came in and took obs and asked a million more questions. I was 3rd in line for the op and GB was 4th. GB decided the best use of his time was to play with the bed :). The anesthetist dude came in about 10.00am and said I'd be taken up in about an hour. Gave me my pre-meds. Because I'm not good with anaesthetic he gave me a few anti nausea pills as they don't want you vomiting after surgery (which is my normal MO) in case your band slips. I had to take about 6 pills in a capfull of water - which totally didn't do the job! Had to ask for more water! Then it only felt like about 20mins later, the orderly came to take me to surgery. He drove my bed down to the holding ward. Another nurse came and asked me who I was, what I was having. Then after an eternity (about 10mins) Doc Watson came to say hi and make sure everything was good to go. He had forgotten that GB was having the surgery after me as he asked if anyone would be home with me after and I said just GB. He had this weird look on his face. GB told me later that Watson told him he felt like a goose forgetting! A few minutes later a nurse came and wheeled me into surgery - the room was as cold as ice! I was asked to hop over to the other table, at which time I found I had the gown on back to front. I'd asked the nurse and she said to have it done up at the front but nope, should have been done up at back. so over on the table, arms stretched out wide, the anaethetist pricked my arm, the nurse put on an oxygen mask and the next thing I remember is waking up in recovery!

I think the nurses were talking to me but I can't really remember. I remember the ward nurse coming to get me and I asked if GB was out yet, she had a look around and said she couldn't see him but just as she said that they wheeled him past.

Up to the ward I went, where they took obs every half hour I think. GB came back to the ward about an hour after me. Hard to tell as I was drifting in and out of sleep.

After that, we were given panadol through the IV, as well as something for nausea and tramadol for pain too and coz I had some shouldertip pain, they gave me a heatpack. We also had Hepron injections to thin the blood so we don't get blood clots.

GB was recovering pretty well, chit chatting away when his folks came to visit us that arvo - I think I only managed to stay awake for about 3 mins! That night he slept through most of the night, meanwhile I was only sleeping in about 15min intervals and my pain increased to nearly a 7 so they gave me a morphine injection which knocked me out for a few hours. I was having to go to the toilet every hour which was a pain in the butt because we had these airpump things on our legs (also to prevent dvt) which had to be unplugged, then the IV had to be unplugged and then the waddle to the loo.

The next day GB looks like he's been on hols, not just had surgery. He's drinking his cups of tea and his soup. I'm managing about 3 sips of soup and took me 6 hours to drink half a 300ml choc milk. Doc Watson came in about 2pm to check on us and told us it was totally our choice whether to stay another night or go home. I'm of the belief that you get better faster at home but I really regret that decision now. I think an extra day in hospital would have been way more beneficial.

Anyway that's all really about the surgery. I'll post more about my recovery in normal posts.

Em :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

T-minus 22 hrs and counting

Holy moly. Am I doing the right thing? Will it work for me? How did I let it get to this stage? Why can't I stick to a "normal" diet? What if I fart so much that my band slips?

 Just thought I'd share some of the thoughts going through my mind right now.

Day 12 Optifast

Blues and Roots was terrific. Eskimo Joe played a few songs accoustically and with a six piece string accompanying them - they rocked! Jools Holland and his rhythm and blues band was sensational! Watched a few songs from John Fogerty but he seemed lost on stage and changing guitars about 4 times before a song and so we lost interest and left.

Optifast schmoptifast. My eye is on Wednesday now and it's becomming even harder to stick to optifast.

Getting nervous and scared now. Today I went out and bought peppermint tea, soluable panadol, berocca but couldn't get the chewable degas tablets. Decided to buy some nice new white cotton undies in the hopes that they wont make me wear those awful paper undies to surgery! Fingers crossed hey! Also started stressing about what we are allowed to eat for the first 2 weeks. The nurse told us only clear fluids but then i've read sites (and lapband books) that say basically anything that will go through a straw is ok like flavoured milk and soups etc. So confused a bit on that one.

2 sleeps to go!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Day 10 Optifast

Hey ho,

So I broke the optifast diet yesterday. We had a few friends over to celebrate my graduation and I had a couple glasses of champagne and a sausage sizzle for dinner. Oh well!

The pre admission appointment went well yesterday. The nurse had problems finding my blood pressure (a common issue with me for some reason) but it was all normal in the end! We had to give a pee sample and I was happy to find out I have "keytones" (not sure on that spelling) in my urine but GB didn't. When I asked what that meant she said it meant I was starving but the boy wasn't. I could have told her that! I think GB was slightly offended by that! haha

So we're all set to go then! 4 sleeps to go!

Going to the West Coast Blues & Roots festival tomorrow which will be fun. GB has gone today too whilst I'm here saving WA from bushfires and lost tourists!

Em :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 8 Optifast

Hey ho,

So I've taken advice of my readers and stayed off the scales this morning! The boy has hidden the lollies so haven't had any for 2 days. I haven't had chocolate in over a week (a miracle!). I've been drinking at least 2 litres of water per day and sticking to 3 optifast products per day (shakes & bar). I haven't been having the 2 cups of vegies as I'm not a fan!

I think it's ironic that Doc Watson told us it was up to us if we even wanted to do Optifast as our BMI's weren't as high but I wanted to give it my best shot so I'm doing 3 meals and GB is doing 2 optifast meals per day. And here I am struggling and the boy is losing kilo after kilo! Damn!

Oh well - enough whinging from me - I'm sure it's doing the desired job on my liver!

We've got our pre-admission appointment tomorrow afternoon. GB called the doctor's rooms the other day to make sure they've got all the documentation and paid for it all so we're all good to go! Apparently I'm going in at 12 and GB in at 1pm. So we have to fast from 5 and 6am respectively. Which I guess that mean's I'll have to get up at 4am to have something to eat so I don't STARVE TO DEATH!!!

This time next week, it'll be all over and we should be home!

That's it, have a good one!

 Em :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 7 Optifast

AARRRGGGHHHH What do I have to do? 100g! I was soo good yesterday, nothing but 3 optifast meals all day and 2 litres of water! I know I'm sure it's doing the desired job on my liver but it's so discouraging seeing people lose 5-10kgs in 2 weeks on optifast and in a week I've only lost 1.3kg! I've lost more than that on a WW diet and I got to eat proper food! OK Vent over.

Graduation was nice last night. My mum, sisters and GB came to watch. Got my degrees, the boy bought me a bear, I looked like Harry Potter. Good times. Will load pics on flickr. Ironically, I'm interviewing kids for a Business Graduate position at work today. Was interviewing 7 but now down to 4 as 3 have pulled out. 1 of whom was due to interview this morning at 9.30am and just didn't rock up - no call or anything. Bloody kids today!

Anyway, better take this opportunity to do some work!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 6 Optifast

Ok. Have told GB to get rid of the lollies. Only did a small walk yesterday coz I wanted to be back in time for The Biggest Loser. (Geez that Michael guy cries a lot!)

Mouth tastes like a sewer today - and I couldn't be more excited - does this mean that elusive ketosis has appeared??? Headache has been on and off again - poo - thought I was rid of it! Tried the chocolate opti bar yesterday... it was weird but I didn't hate it. But it did take me nearly 2 hours to eat. It's a funny texture.

I'm finally graduating tonight after 7 years of uni! Have been studying part time and working full time during that period and it has been tough. I picked up my regalia yesterday and was super disappointed to find I don't get a cap to throw in the air! :( So sad. Apparently Bachelor graduands don't get them. Anyhoo, it will be good to get my two pieces of paper (Bachelor of Commerce - Professional Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts - Media Analysis).

 Anyhoo, better do some work

Em :)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 5 Optifast

Those lollies are going to be the death of me! I thought I would have lost more by now but oh well. Managed to keep my hand out of the lollie jar yesterday but I did have one of mum's home made pumpkin scones which she made especially for me not knowing the circumstances. GB has told his folks and they are being very supportive, even offering to take us to the hospital and pick us up and look after Westie. I told my mum yesterday and she was really good about it too, asking lots of questions and when I showed her Dr Watson's webpage she said "that's the Doctor who fixed my hernia a few years ago!" hahaha Small world!

We're trying to get our butts moving literally. We used to be regular gym attendees but have slacked off. Saturday night we went for a walk with Westie (about 3kms) - not any great length or speed but at least it's something. Yesterday morning we went down to the river at Burswood to walk the bridges (about 7kms) but it was warmer there than expected, and poor little Westie was panting after about a km!! We ended up just walking up to the Wyndam bridge and back to Burswood. Took about 50mins all up so not that bad.

BTW - the headache finally went away on Sunday as everyone told me it would which is great!

 Thanks for all your comments, I love to read them - keep em coming!

Em :)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Day 3 Optifast

Hey Ho,

 To recap on yesterday - still had the headache all day (must be detoxing). Ended up having the bar for lunch (GB picked it up) and ate it on the way to the funeral. Had the choc shake for dinner. I also had a handful of lollies (WHOOPS!) ... bugger!

GB has also given me permission to share the fact that he is also going to be lapbanded with me. We're getting done on the same day even. So we will be super supportive of each other because we will be going through the same thing. We weren't going to tell anyone at all about being banded but then my sister and her boyfriend were going to be living with us at the time of the surgery so we told them because it would be pretty hard to hide it from people living with you - and they can look after the pooch! Now, they've moved out because they've found another place to stay but they're still going to stay overnight while we're in hospital. GB also decided this morning to tell his folks. Main reason being that his GP told his mum yesterday that his blood test results were in - RUDE - what happened to patient/doctor confidentiality? Needless to say she wanted to know what was up. I'm glad he's telling them as it will make it a WHOLE lot easier as they invite us over a lot and would have thought us very rude not to eat a whole plate of dinner! I think I'll probably tell my mum and my other sister too for the same reasons. We won't be telling our friends though which will be interesting as we're a very social bunch. We're just going to say we're on a diet. We'll see how it goes.

I'm at work today and bored... lucky there's no food around!


Em :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Day 2 Optifast

Well yesterday I started the Optifast and luckily I don't hate it! I had the coffee shake for brekkie which I talked myself into believing it was just like Iced Coffee and then the choc shake for lunch. Had the cappucino bar for dinner which wasn't as nice as I thought it would be, it was really difficult to eat those last couple of bites. Hunger wasn't too bad. I started getting hungry for lunch about 11am which is pretty normal! Started getting hungry for dinner about 3.30pm! That's usually the time I grab a chocolate at work but managed to stay away from the choc fridge! After dinner I was ok. I did have a pretty shocking headache from about 5pm. I reminded "GB" (Gorgeous Boy) that by all accounts I will be all grumpy on optifast and that to add injury to insult it was also TTOTM so I suspect it will be a pretty awful week!

 This morning had the coffee shake again - all good. We have a funeral at lunch time and I forgot to throw one of the bars in my bag so will have to swing home on the way or past the chemist.

Thanks for your comments, I love to read them!

That's it for now.... Em x

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hello and Welcome


 Welcome to my blog. I will be banded in 2 weeks and have just begun the Optifast stage. Please come back and I'll post more soon!