Monday, December 20, 2010


Hi ya gang!

Well isn't the festive season in full swing now. We've had to downsize from our big xmas tree this year because Baxter simply can't be trusted! So we've bought a little tree and put it on our buffet with the pressies around it out of the reach of destructive puppies! I managed to do the majority of my christmas shopping online this year so have been having packages delivered at work for the past couple weeks! It's fun even though I know they're not presents for me! Just expecting one more delivery for GB's present. As part of his present I bought some Yahava coffee and it was delivered this morning - unfortunately the bag had come open in the box and so a couple of handfuls of the grind were lost and now my office smells like my Nonna's house! (ie very strong coffee!).

Babywise - all plodding along really. I don't mean to sound insensitive about the whole miracle of pregnancy and all that but I'm a bit bored now. We have another OB appointment tonight so will be nice to see some more pics of her. I can't remember if I mentioned it already (and this may be a bit TMI) but at the last appointment a few weeks ago he was concerned the placenta was too low because he couldn't find the cervical canal. Which sucks arse a bit as the ultrasound chick cleared the placenta back at the 19wk anatomy scan. Anyway, I'm hoping tonight's scan will show that it's all good. If not, he'll probably send me back to the ultrasound place for another detailed scan at around 34wks. If it stays low it'll mean a c-section for delivery. Told hubby if that's the case, we should start looking into plastic surgeons so I can get a tummy tuck at the same time! haahahahaaaa

Weightwise - my gaining is slowing down (wish it would reverse into a loss!) - putting on 2.3kg in the past month which is way better than the 7.6kg I put on the month before that. I'm very scared about seeing those triple digits again. But my body loves carbs and it's clearly hanging onto them.

Bandwise - I had 3-4 days where I was struggling to keep anything down. I think that maybe when the baby has a growth spurt it seems to increase my restriction for a few days. I'm having awful heartburn. Have been taking pariet but was wondering if it was working as I was still having to take quickeze. Now taking double strength mylanta which is giving temporary relief at least.

This past weekend I spent baking. I assumed with impending motherhood would come the ability to bake. Turns out, not so much! I have to admit I probably bit of more than I can chew. On the list to cook was - gingerbread, melting moments, two different types of macaroons, lime curd tarts and cheesecake. I got through it but not easily and not spectacularly well!. Some pics...

White Chocolate & Raspberry macarons (they should be a lot higher!)

Chocolate macarons (right height but lumpy!)

One near perfect macaroon...   

Hubby took a pic of the gingerbread but he hasn't sent it to me yet. Suffice to say the "christmas shapes" could be widely interpreted as "barely shapes"! I might add in my defence, the humidity on Saturday made things a bit tricky!

Anyway, time for a shot of the pooches... just home from the groomers on Friday - also very rare to manage a pic with both of them smiling!:

Wishing you all a very fun festive season!

Thursday, December 9, 2010


Hello friends,

How have you all been? I've managed to catch up on your blogs but had no time to comment so just know, I've been there!

I really hate this time of year. I'm not really a people person and the added pressure to catch up with every single person I know for Christmas really grinds my noodle. Hubby of course is the social king of the world, which just makes it that much harder. I literally had to block off next weekend in my calendar so we don't book something in and so I can do some christmas shopping! Lordy bigordy.

Had a great weekend in Busselton. Ended up coming home on Monday though instead of Tuesday because my mum (who was house/dog sitting) had to have a carpal tunnel operation on Monday so the pooches would have been abandoned! But still it was good to get away although we were by no means having a relaxing time of it! GB headed down with one of his teammates on Friday morning and my sister and I drove down after work on Friday night. We all stayed in a gorgeous house in Broadwater - too bad it was too cold to swim though! Saturday we didn't do too much, breakkie in town, grocery shopping then I cooked up a chicken caesar salad for lunch and a lasagne & salad for dinner (boys were carbo loading and so were the supporters!). Bed early - 8.30pm as we had an early start. The boys headed into the event about 4.30am and we followed just after 5am. The individual competitors started at 5.45am and the team event just after that. Our lads took between 1hr20 and 1hr30 for the 3.8km swim and then it was onto the 180km ride. Because hubby was doing the run leg at the end he decided to go back to the house for a rest so me & my sis went too. Home and dozed for a couple of hours and then back again. The bike leg took about 6hours to complete. Then the run was off! Luckily conditions weren't too bad - it was overcast and not too much wind. Hubby cramped up after 28kms and had to walk a bit but then powered on to the finish. I think it took him about 4.5hrs to do the 42kms. So just about 12hours all up. The pro who one it as in individual did it in 8hrs or something crazy!!!  I was really proud of our guys and stoked they all pulled up ok (not even a space blanket in sight!). It's a super long day for the supporters too I might add. Didn't help that I needed to pee every hour! Ended up getting home around 7pm I think. Ordered pizza for the gang and then we all crashed.

And as I expected, even though he's been saying he'll never do a marathon again, on Tuesday GB said "I want to do the Ironman as an individual". Right, of course you do you crazy freak! We talked about it and agreed that it just can't happen in 2011. It's an expensive event just to enter (about $800) then he'll want a new bike ($3-4k), and I want to be sure he's prepared so there'll have to be coaches and physio and whatnot so it's just not something we can afford with a newborn and one salary. But if he's still keen he can do it in 2012. Scares me even to think about it!

On other news, I had the glucose tolerance test on Tuesday. The OB likes to do the 2hr ones up front so I had to go in at 8.30am, have a bunch of bloods taken, drink a green drink which was like pure cordial, wait 1hr then have another blood test, then wait another hour and have another blood test! All this to test for gestational diabetes! Today I gave them a call and I was given the all clear which is great. So if this baby turns out to be a fatty boombah it's entirely my fault from eating too many magnum icecreams!

Last night we went to see  Bon Jovi. Those boys know how to rock. It was a great concert I have to say and today I bought this online:
bah hahahahahaaaaaa

Weight wise have been up and down the same kilogram the past few weeks which I guess is ok. I really don't want to put on too much more weight. It's not cool. I know it. You know it. The baby knows it. Band is there - I still get stuck some times, but I'm sure it's more about eating too much too fast in too big mouthfuls. Sound familiar?

Anyhoodly, must get a bit more work done before my water aerobics class!