Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. I'm having severe issues with my band. Haven't been able to keep anything except clear liquids down most days (and sometimes not even those) and then I'll have a day where I can eat "band-normal" again. Weird stuff. Not happy about PBing everything though. And not to be too gross with TMI but what's coming up is totally chewed up pieces - often in like a mucussy ball. When I get stuck I'm getting severe pain in my back and under my ribs. NOT FUN. Watson's rooms are closed down till Monday so will call then and see if they can squeeze me in earlier than my Jan 22 appointment. I don't fancy carrying on this way for another 3 weeks. I just don't understand how a few weeks ago I was thinking I'd have to get a bit of fill IN and now I'm going to have to take some out. Too weird. Ugh I just ate a piece of chocolate and now that's stuck. CHOCOLATE!

We're going camping for 3 nights tonight with about 13 friends. None of which know about the band. So I think I'm going to have to basically pretend to eat so I don't have to keep running to the toilet and look bulimic! What great weather for camping too ... NOT. 39, 37, 35C is not the temperatures at which I want to be sleeping in a tent.  But it will be fun I'm sure and the caravan park has a pool at least!

We're going down south over the Australia day weekend to check out wedding venues. We love the wineries so thought it would be very "us" to get married down there. We want a low key cocktail party style wedding. Who knew that that would be just as expensive as a 3 course sit down meal white wedding! Geez! We had decided on April 2010, but then I checked out the weather averages and it's a 1 in 3 chance it will rain so we're looking at moving it to March 2010 now when it only rains 4 times a month. How sad is it that I'm looking at these things! The whole dress thing is freaking me out. I have awful flabby upper arms but there aren't too many (ie none) wedding dresses in the style I want with sleeves!!

Just another thing to add to our plate, and I can't remember if I've already mentioned it but we have to move in a couple of weeks. We bought a townhouse in May and have been renting it out. At the same time we are renting the place we're living in. The owners of ours have decided to sell (they offered it to us at a bargain price but we couldn't afford the two mortgages and we'd lose too much money to sell the other one in this market) and have asked us to be out by January 19th. Our tenant's lease was up on 20th Dec but we gave her till the 12th Jan. We just found out on Monday that the tenant vacated on the 24th. Apparently our property managers emailed me on the 8th of Dec to advise the change of date but I didn't receive it (they had the email address wrong and they apparently didn't get a bounced back email). So now we're stuck with 3 weeks less rent we thought we'd be receiving. Pissed off much! If we'd known, we would have arranged to move earlier too! So I get to look forward to packing and unpacking over the next couple of weeks. I hate moving. Sincerley.

Anyway, goals, resolutions, aspirations for 2009 - here's mine:

  • Hit the 87's for 1st Bandiversary on 19th March

  • 85kgs for my birthday (1st June)

  • 70's for Christmas 2009

  • Run for more than 2mins

  • Exercise at least 4 times a week

  • Restart group classes at gym (combat, pump, rpm)

  • Try yoga or pilates at work

  • Pay off personal loan

  • Save for wedding

  • Not buy 300 dvds in Thailand or Bali

  • Organise the best wedding ever.

Hope everyone indulges in a glass of bubbly tonight to bring in the new year! I know I will be!

Em :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Just wanted to drop by to say merry christmas and a brilliant new year to anyone reading this. I've got restriction issues again - I had a couple of days last week where I felt ok (no pb-ing) but unfortunately since Saturday night I can't seem to keep much of anything down including my iced coffees if you can believe that! I've got an appointment with Watson in mid January so hopefully that will sort things out. It's just so weird because I was actually thinking I needed a bit more fill and then last week just before TTOM, I was so ridiculously restricted. I thought it would elliviate after TTOM, which it did very briefly but I'm suffering again. Hopefully nothing major is the problem and I just need my fill tweaked.

I also think I'm coming down with the flu. I'm exhausted (which could be due to not being able to keep anything down) and have a killer sore throat. Nice.

Thanks for all the well wishes about our engagement. We're both really excited and are looking towards an April 2010 wedding. Enough time for me to get to goal don't you think? Well I didn't want to put that pressure  on me so you'll see a slightly higher than my final goal as my wedding goal on my Goals page. That was a hell of a lot of the word "goal" in that sentence!

My ring is absolutely stunning and exactly what I would have picked myself - he's done a great job (with some assistance from my sister). I'll post a pic as soon as I can get a good one. It's so shiny that it wont focus properly on the phone camera so will need to use my proper camera!

Anyhoo best wishes to you all for a fab festive season!

Em :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008


GB and I got engaged last night! YAY!


oh and I lost 1.5kgs last week :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Restriction city

Just a quick note to say I am feeling some major hormonal restriction this week. Yesterday I couldn't keep down iced coffee or milo even! It's the first time I've noticed additional restriction around TTOM but I can't think of any other reason for my PB-ing fest this week. I've also had a headache for about 4 days now. Not fun at all. Still christmas is coming and with that come 3 public holidays! I'm only taking the 2nd of Jan off in addition to the pub hols as we have a bit of leave to take for our holidays in February and April. So I'll be working. Yay. Although, not particularly a fan of Christmas Day itself, I am a fan of getting presents! :)

Happy holidays!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Update: Week 38

Hey ho, I managed to lose 1.2kgs this week after all that grumbling on Monday! It's amazing what you can do when you don't go out during the week! GB was in Bunbury all week on a training course so I didn't have to put any thought into cooking at all and it was great!! I managed to get to the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday doing 30-60mins cardio and threw in a few weights on Monday too. So I'm very close to my Xmas goal! Today's my work christmas lunch which fingers crossed goes down ok, as I'm still having a few probs in that area. Here's the menu:

Entree's (shared)
warm turkish bread with oil, balsamic and dukkah  (Staying away from this for sure)
herb and garlic pizza bread    (I might give a small piece of this a go)
grilled cacciatore sausage      (No way hozay)

Main (choice of)
beetroot risotto, creamy fetta, spinach   (I think this is what I'll go for)
sesame crusted salmon, rice noodles, mango & pickled ginger salad  (Don't like mango or ginger)
peri peri spiced chicken, roast sweet potato, orance scented cous cous, yoghurt dressing   (Don't like spicy food)
black angus scotch fillet, roast baby potatoes, green beens    (I'm not sure how steak will go down)

Dessert (choice of)
caramelised pear & rhubarb strudel, cinnamon anglaise
choc mint brownie, pistachio crumble, vanilla bean icecream      (Hell yeah!)

So it should be fun today. Hopefully the drama that has been happening (bitching women) will subside for lunch at least!

Thanks for all your comments, keep them coming!

Stay well,

Em :)

Monday, December 8, 2008

What the?

How do I put on 700g over a weekend? I know you should only weigh yourself once a week. I KNOW! But after a fill, I kinda feel like the weight should be dropping off at least for a couple of weeks. I was disappointed that last week I only lost 700g, considering the amounts I was eating. Then this weekend - granted I've been eating a bit more but still not as much as before the fill and this morning I was back up to the mid 97's! FARK! I have been having a light iced coffee most mornings, but barely anything to eat for lunch ( a yoghurt mostly). The last 2 nights we've been out to dinner. Friday was a friend's wedding (gorgeous, casual, finger type food). I had a couple of small (bite size) quiches, 2 lamb cutlets (which I promptly PB'd), a bite of wood fired garlic pizza but oh yeah 2 pieces of lemon cheesecake! Saturday, I had an iced coffee in the morning, lunch was about a quarter of a caesar salad from sumo salads, and dinner was out for GB's mum's birthday. I was sensible in that I got the spinach and ricotta canelloni and only ate 1 tube .. .but then had half a small slice of cheesecake... hmmm starting to see the theme.

Yesterday, GB and I were going to do all our xmas shopping (I only managed one present!) and we got a crepe to share. I had nothing because I decided to treat myself to a macca's choc thickshake which some how got stuck (hello it's liquid!) and I PB'd about 6 times. Then had half a lindt reindeer about 2.30pm. Then had 4 olives. Then we went out for dinner and I had linquine pasta with sundried tomatoes (ate about 20% if I was lucky) and then PB'd the last bite back up.

I know the cake and shakes are not good, but I don't have them all the time and given the little else I've been eating I wouldn't have thought it would make TOO much difference. How wrong I am! I might go back onto the calorie king website and start tracking food again. And drinking more water. I drink quite a bit at night (hehe that sounds like I'm an alco! but I mean water... seriously) but not so much during the day. Going to fill up my water bottle right now! and....... done.

GB is off to Bunbury for the week for a training course so it'll be hard to motivate myself to get to the gym but I'm going to try really hard. I do have the added motivation of the pooch because GB won't be here to walk her in the mornings so it'll make her after work walks even more important.

Anyhoo, hope everyone else is plodding along and not crumbling under Xmas pressure!

Em :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally an update!

My apologies to my many loyal readers for not updating in so long, just after I had begged everyone to leave me comments! How rude of me! I have been meaning to for so long but work and life just seemed to get in the way. That and the fact that weight wise, very little is going on - up down up down up down, and I doubt people wanted to hear that every week! But you have all been on my mind and I even downloaded the wordpress app for my iphone so I could post a blog from that and I still couldn't find time to do it!!

So what's been happening? Not a great deal unfortunately. Whilst my lovely GB is going great guns, crossing off his 2008 goals like they were easy as pie, I have been struggling mentally and physically. I could eat almost anything I wanted. Hell, I even got a big mac down for McHappy Day (hey It's for the kids!), even though it took me about 40mins to get through it! But that is not good. I went and saw the new fill doctor who's started at Watson's rooms last Thursday and we decided to put .75mls in. He did the fill a bit differently from Watson - had me lifting my head and my legs at the same time! It was like a horror abs workout! He did a removal and put back in again to see exactly how much and now I have 5mls in there. Immediate restriction which is great. I've had to get back into the habit of small mouthfulls and chew chew chewing, but I'm getting there. I can't tell you how awesome it is not to feel hungry all morning and afternoon!

GB and I have finally got back into some semblance of an exercise routine too. Went to the gym Monday - Thursday last week after work which has been fantastic. I bought GB a Nintendo Wii for his birthday at the end of October and we bought a Wii Fit a couple of weeks ago. It's quite fun but I was not impressed when it turned my little Wii Mii (your own likeness) into a big fatty poombah! Oh and the little "ouch" sound every time you stand on the board - NOT FUNNY JAN! But you can certainly work up a sweat doing some of the programs - especially the hula hoop one!

On another tangent, I had can't remember if I said that I had to apply for the job I'd been acting in since October 07. They held off interviews till I got back from holidays which was great. And my appointment was confirmed a few weeks ago so I'm officially permanent at my job which is a great feeling.

I went to a friend's wedding last weekend. Wore a dress. Yes, a dress. Felt a bit like a goose actually and had such a tight behinder binder on that I swear my port was sticking out my back!!! But it was totally worth it because the bride's cousin told my sister that I was totally hot. Ha HA!!!

Caught up on most people's blogs last week and was sorry to hear that many of you out there have been going through some tough times and some have taken breaks from blogging. So I'm sending out good vibes and wishes to Myf, LapbandGirl, Cat, Bridget and everyone else who's been struggling of late.

Anyway, I'll seriously try to not be so long between posts, if you all promise to keep checking in!

Check you all soon,

Em :)