Monday, December 8, 2008

What the?

How do I put on 700g over a weekend? I know you should only weigh yourself once a week. I KNOW! But after a fill, I kinda feel like the weight should be dropping off at least for a couple of weeks. I was disappointed that last week I only lost 700g, considering the amounts I was eating. Then this weekend - granted I've been eating a bit more but still not as much as before the fill and this morning I was back up to the mid 97's! FARK! I have been having a light iced coffee most mornings, but barely anything to eat for lunch ( a yoghurt mostly). The last 2 nights we've been out to dinner. Friday was a friend's wedding (gorgeous, casual, finger type food). I had a couple of small (bite size) quiches, 2 lamb cutlets (which I promptly PB'd), a bite of wood fired garlic pizza but oh yeah 2 pieces of lemon cheesecake! Saturday, I had an iced coffee in the morning, lunch was about a quarter of a caesar salad from sumo salads, and dinner was out for GB's mum's birthday. I was sensible in that I got the spinach and ricotta canelloni and only ate 1 tube .. .but then had half a small slice of cheesecake... hmmm starting to see the theme.

Yesterday, GB and I were going to do all our xmas shopping (I only managed one present!) and we got a crepe to share. I had nothing because I decided to treat myself to a macca's choc thickshake which some how got stuck (hello it's liquid!) and I PB'd about 6 times. Then had half a lindt reindeer about 2.30pm. Then had 4 olives. Then we went out for dinner and I had linquine pasta with sundried tomatoes (ate about 20% if I was lucky) and then PB'd the last bite back up.

I know the cake and shakes are not good, but I don't have them all the time and given the little else I've been eating I wouldn't have thought it would make TOO much difference. How wrong I am! I might go back onto the calorie king website and start tracking food again. And drinking more water. I drink quite a bit at night (hehe that sounds like I'm an alco! but I mean water... seriously) but not so much during the day. Going to fill up my water bottle right now! and....... done.

GB is off to Bunbury for the week for a training course so it'll be hard to motivate myself to get to the gym but I'm going to try really hard. I do have the added motivation of the pooch because GB won't be here to walk her in the mornings so it'll make her after work walks even more important.

Anyhoo, hope everyone else is plodding along and not crumbling under Xmas pressure!

Em :)


  1. Drink water. Swear at hormones. Look at the calories going in. Are you eating enough for nutrition? Could your body be hanging onto whatever calories it gets?

    Drink more water. Yes, more water.

  2. Yeah, I agree with MJW. But you're doing great! :)

  3. Good questions from Myf there. Make sure too that you're eating enough for nutrition, otherwise your body will start storing everything you give it.

    It's awful when you feel like you are doing all the right things and yet you put on weight, but just remember that fluctuations happen all the time and that extra 700 grams today could be a kilo off tomorrow.

    Keep your chin up. You're doing great.