Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Bandiversary

It occured to me this morning that it must be close to another bandiversary for me! It happened in March I'm sure. While I was trying to remember the date I realised I couldn't even remember the year! Has it been 3 years? 4 Years? So a quick check of my own blog - March 19th 2008. It's coming up on 4 years!

What a crazy busy four years it has been. Band, Wedding, Baby... oh my! Reflecting on my band now, it really plays such a small part in my life. I have very little fill but I still know it's there, especially when I decide to indulge in some fluffy bread or god forbid a burger! I know I could do with a fill some days as I can get hungry. But at the same time I'm maintaining at this weight and although I would love to be 15kgs lighter and a size 12, maybe I'm just meant to be a size 16 and 86ish kgs. It's manageable. It's not a big deal if for any reason (cranky kid) I don't get to the gym one week. This may change at some stage - but right now... dare I say it... I'm happy with how I am.

It's also our 2nd wedding anniversary coming up on the 20th of this month. We are taking each other out to Rockpool for dinner tomorrow night. I can't wait. Seriously. I can't wait. Wish we were going tonight!

I'm still tossing up on the new blog v this blog. I'm leaning towards a new one for a pretty simple and selfish reason. Longtime readers of this blog may recall that no-one outside my immediate family know about our lapbands. And I still don't really want it out there amongst our friends, but I'd like our friends to get into my blog. So you see, a new one - with no focus on the ol' lapband is really the only way to combat that. Plus the title of this blog kinda just spells it out in the title doesn't! haha. So I hope when the time comes and if I decide to move to a new blog that all my 50 followers (especially the few that comment!) will follow me!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Another post in the same year!

Guess who turned 1 on Sunday?

This kid!

She's a little gem you know. This past year has gone so ridiculously quickly I can't believe it. She's even walking around now (although her bum is getting to know the floor pretty well because she won't slow down!).

Her little birthday celebration went well. Just our immediate family and my mum's group which was really nice. Bloody warm day in Perth (of course) but we had the marquee up so that was awesome for shade.

I'm a bit reticent that this blog is most likely to move away from the trials & tribulations of lapband and more towards my kid, food, travel, whatever. So I'm thinking that I might start another blog. It's not that the lapband stuff isn't important, it's just that I really don't have anything major to report in that area of my life. So what do we think? Keep the extra stuff in this blog or start a new one?