Monday, August 31, 2009

Quick update

Hey kids,

Sorry I've been absent for a couple weeks. To recap:

Last Wednesday saw Bowater again. I told him in the 2 weeks since having the fill removed I've been HUNGRY HUNGRY HUNGRY!!! Food portions increasing, looking for food, thinking about food, food food food.... So he's put in 1ml again. So far not too bad, have a bit of restriction again and not quite as hungry so happy with that. I did work out like a mad woman for those 2 weeks, doing between an hour and 2 hrs a day at the gym (did a combat class and a step class which is way too complicated for my liking!) According to the docs scales I stayed the same in those two weeks however the first time I weighed in it was like 5pm and this time it was 8.30am so I know there was a bit of damage there. Still floating in the 78's.

Pata Negra (the new tapas place we went to a couple of weeks ago) was really great but way pricey. Still prefer Duende.

Wedding stuff - My sisters and I went bridesmaid dress shopping last weekend and they bought their dresses so that's all sorted. After 2 weeks and about 10 rejections from hair/makeup people in Margaret River and me getting so stressed out that the fiance was freaking out too, it finally all worked out. The very first one I'd called said she wasn't taking bookings because they may be moving interstate. Then I saw her ad reappear on a website so I sent a message to see if her circumstances had changed and they had so we're all booked in!! Best thing is that during the week she actually lives in the city so we can do our trials up here without having to track the 3.5hrs south. Awesomesauce. I have also setup a whiteboard listing everything that needs to be done in the next 6 months. I'll take a pic.. hehehe

Wedding board

I've also been sick since pretty much last Monday. Had a killer sore throat Mon-Wed and then the congestion and coughing started so have been off work since Thursday. I was really pissed because it was the 12km city to surf on Sunday and I planned to run parts of it. I managed to pull myself together and actually do the 12kms - and not an easy 12km either we're talking 3 major hills and not a lot of it being flat. The last time I did it 2 years ago (and 20+kgs heavier) my time was about 2hrs 15mins. Yesterday I did it in 1hr55mins and that was being sick!!! My hip flexors and calves were sore yesterday but not bad today. GB ran most of it (had to keep stopping for people in his way and to let his mate catch up) so he did it in just over an hour. What a champ. Definately going to train for it next year and try to run the bloody thing! Just waiting now for the official results to go up on the net.

Anyhoo, hopefully will catch up on everyone's blogs soon!

Em :)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Breathe just breathe

Hi all,

So yes as you can see from my post below, I'm super disappointed that he withdrew another 2mls. He wanted to take it all out but I had a bit of a tanty at that suggestion! He gave me a sip of water before and it just sat then he removed the 2 mls and as he was taking it out I felt the water go down. Then I had another drink after which was all good. He said that when I spoke of what was going on he was thinking it may be a band slip but because he's removed the fill and it seems to have fixed the problem he doesn't think it is a slip any more. He wants to see me again in 2 weeks. All very well for him at $150 a pop - meanwhile I'm going broke! It's amazing the thoughts that have gone through my head the last 2 days. Since a couple of months post banding I have rarely thought about junk food - in the past two days it's all I can think of! I'm going to have to be careful. I've asked the GB to take out all junk out of the house (chips & lollies!) just to make sure.

The other thing I'm now worried about having gone back over my fill removals is the fact that he told me on Wednesday that I now had 3mls remaining - which means that prior to taking this 2mls I had 5mls. However he also told me last time I had fill in that that took me up to 5mls which was in November last year. Since then I've had 4 removals totalling 3.25mls (HOLY SHIT!) which means I should be down to 1.75mls left. How would I get more fill into my band without an adjustment??? What the hell?? Anyway these are questions I will be asking in 2 weeks.

Anyway to top my week off I put on 600g. Can't really blame the fill removal yet. More that I had a fat old time of it last weekend and then had things on every night this week which meant zero exercise (except pilates yesterday).

Also, my hairdresser who, with her makeup artist best friend were coming to my wedding to do our hair and makeup has gotten herself knocked up and due right near my wedding day so now can't come. I can't be mad with her coz she did tell me that they were doing IVF and she offered to do free trials for us. So now I'm looking for someone to do hair and makeup in Margaret River. Got my feelers out, hope its all good!

GB and I did a tapas cooking class on Wednesday night with Kitchen Warehouse. It was awesome fun - they even gave us sangria and a couple glasses of wine during the night, plus all that food! None of it particularly healthy, but it was yummy! We're off to Pata Negra, Perth's newest Tapas restaurant tonight with some friends. Should be a great night.

Anyway, I'm in a bit of a mood so going to do some work then head home for a vino.


Thursday, August 13, 2009


Well dr fill wouldn't give me a barium swallow. He did however take out 2 farking mls and wants to see me in 2wks. I'm worried about hunger and portions and putting on weight. Will write more details tomorrow.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Latest Update

Hi all, how are you?

I'm feeling quite refreshed from my few days in Melbourne over the weekend. But first things first - weigh in. Was completely ecstatic to have lost 400g this fortnight (no weigh in last Friday as was away). I ate and drank like a champion over the past week, but luckily all the walking around in Melbourne has helped out. I'm now in the 77's!!! YAY! I also did my measurements today. First time since March. I was over the moon with the results. Since March, 5 months ago, I have lost 34.5cm! Here's the results since last time:

  20/03/20097/08/2009      Loss
Neck32  31        1
R Arm3431.5      2.5
L Arm3432         2
Chest9593         2
Waist8479         5
Hips113.5100.5        13
R Leg60.556       4.5
L Leg60.556       4.5

 I'm pretty amazed with the hips and waist measurements. I was wondering what coul have led to this (the previous 3 months I'd only lost 10cm all up), and considering my weight hasn't dropped too much since then and guess what I started on the 19th March? Pilates. Could it be? This is really the only change in my routine. hehehe guess what? I just checked out my weight and I was 87kgs in 20th March so I've lost 9.3kgs since then - avg 490g per week loss. So yeah I have lost weight too but still those measurements are awesomesauce. I have been getting heaps of compliments and although I don't feel like I'm getting smaller, I guess I am toning and reshaping which is great. Still HATE my arms.

Anyway Melbourne was fantastic. GB and I want to move there... one powerball. We stayed at my Aunty's apartment which is about 200m from Chapel St. Ate at Bistro Guillaume - 2009 Best New Restaurant of the Year in Australia. It was awesome. We saw Avenue Q which, whilst slightly disturbing, was pretty bloody hilarious. That night we even walked home from the city (about 5kms). We also had a great lunch at Donovan's in St Kilda - saw Ian Hewie Hewitson having lunch with his family there too! We walked around the DFO in the city and around Bridge Rd and Swan St in Richmond, up and down Chapel Street. It was truly fantastic. Had a great meal at Movida's too which is allegedly Australia's best tapas. I'm still partial to Duende but it was very very good that's for sure.

I had a few issues with PBing and cramps everytime I ate something. I've got a terrible feeling I have a band slip. Also got some nice night reflux last night too. It doesn't matter what time I eat dinner, I always feel like it's still sitting in my easophagus (spelling anyone?) when I go to bed. I have an appointment next Wednesday so I'm going to ask for the dreaded barium swallow to check things out. Fingers crossed it's all good.

Ok well I better get back to work. Will try to catch up on everyone's blogs soon.

Em :)