Friday, August 14, 2009

Breathe just breathe

Hi all,

So yes as you can see from my post below, I'm super disappointed that he withdrew another 2mls. He wanted to take it all out but I had a bit of a tanty at that suggestion! He gave me a sip of water before and it just sat then he removed the 2 mls and as he was taking it out I felt the water go down. Then I had another drink after which was all good. He said that when I spoke of what was going on he was thinking it may be a band slip but because he's removed the fill and it seems to have fixed the problem he doesn't think it is a slip any more. He wants to see me again in 2 weeks. All very well for him at $150 a pop - meanwhile I'm going broke! It's amazing the thoughts that have gone through my head the last 2 days. Since a couple of months post banding I have rarely thought about junk food - in the past two days it's all I can think of! I'm going to have to be careful. I've asked the GB to take out all junk out of the house (chips & lollies!) just to make sure.

The other thing I'm now worried about having gone back over my fill removals is the fact that he told me on Wednesday that I now had 3mls remaining - which means that prior to taking this 2mls I had 5mls. However he also told me last time I had fill in that that took me up to 5mls which was in November last year. Since then I've had 4 removals totalling 3.25mls (HOLY SHIT!) which means I should be down to 1.75mls left. How would I get more fill into my band without an adjustment??? What the hell?? Anyway these are questions I will be asking in 2 weeks.

Anyway to top my week off I put on 600g. Can't really blame the fill removal yet. More that I had a fat old time of it last weekend and then had things on every night this week which meant zero exercise (except pilates yesterday).

Also, my hairdresser who, with her makeup artist best friend were coming to my wedding to do our hair and makeup has gotten herself knocked up and due right near my wedding day so now can't come. I can't be mad with her coz she did tell me that they were doing IVF and she offered to do free trials for us. So now I'm looking for someone to do hair and makeup in Margaret River. Got my feelers out, hope its all good!

GB and I did a tapas cooking class on Wednesday night with Kitchen Warehouse. It was awesome fun - they even gave us sangria and a couple glasses of wine during the night, plus all that food! None of it particularly healthy, but it was yummy! We're off to Pata Negra, Perth's newest Tapas restaurant tonight with some friends. Should be a great night.

Anyway, I'm in a bit of a mood so going to do some work then head home for a vino.



  1. What a bugger getting that fill out. On the plus side.. at least its not a band slip.. whew. I was thinking of you! I still haven't tried a tapas restaurant yet. I really must get onto that. Let us know how Pata Negra's goes. I'm curious. x

  2. It's funny how without our band we revert to old ways real quick... our band really is something we need to help us.

    P.S I'm following you on Twitter! Finally got my butt into gear and got an account.

    Oh, also, I'm going to be going down to melbourne quite a bit for work after October... was wondering if you wanted to meet up eventually? your call!

  3. I'm glad it's not a band slip but having a fill removed must be hard to take as well. Just remember it's all a part of your journey.

    Monnie had a great make up girl in Mandurah - I dont know if she'd travel but it might be worth asking.