Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pathetic - table for one

Hi gang... can I call you gang?

I wasn't going to post this but then I thought, what the heck. Let the people know what kind of loser I am. Why? Because yesterday I decided I was pregnant.

And here's why -

1) I've put on weight. Surely it can't be because I'm eating like a farking trooper and not doing any exercise.. Oh and deep fried food - bring it. No that can't be the reason. Must be up the duff.

2) I've been.. how can I say it... more flatulent than normal. Can't be from all that fatty food I've been shoving down my giant gob. Must have a bun in the oven.

3) I'm sick .. again.. Obviously the demon child in my belly is causing my immune system to shut up shop. It clearly can't be because I'm run down and not looking after myself.

4) I had a funky metallic taste in my mouth .. Clearly a pregnancy symptom and not from all the drugs I've been consuming.

5) I was about 24hrs late for my period according to my iphone app.

So I peed on a stick at lunchtime yesterday. Big fat negative. And then an hour later I got my period. In my defence, I did google early pregancy symptoms and did find these things on the list, but what the hell is wrong with me! I'll find any excuse except the most simple one - that I'm eating too much crap!

Incidently I felt a bit glum when the stick was negative. Which is freaking me out as well. Also when I told GB that I got my period (I'd told him I took a test) he starting pouting and said he had a bit of hope for a minute (Even though the test was negative). Holy moly.

So I'm DEFINITELY getting a fill tomorrow.

Move aside, crazy person coming through!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stupid cough

Hi all,

Well I was sick as a dog the week before last with chronic asthma. Had to go on a course of steroids and antibiotics. Was pretty much at 80% last week with the cough subsiding. Well in the last few days it's been back with a bloody vengeance. I sound like a fricking barking horse. Had some steroids left still so starting those again. Hopefully it won't get to the stage of last time where I "slept" (and by "slept" I mean watched tv all bloody night) on the couch for 4 nights. GB needs his sleep this week for his 1/2 ironman triathlon on Saturday so will take myself out of the room if I have to.

Had a lovely weekend, gorgeous weather in Perth. Had friends over for lunch on Sunday where I cooked and prepared from Saturday afternoon and then all day and night Sunday! We had tapas style but certainly not healthy food by any stretch of the imagination (the deep fryer got a work out!) but most of it was really tasty and only 1 dish failed on the day! We had a fun afternoon of food and far too much wine and then watched the video of our wedding that they had recorded. It was really fun to relive it and reminded us of how fantastic our reception was - I'd do that part again!

Super short work week for me this week. Friday we're off to Busselton (2.5hrs south of Perth) for the 1/2 ironman. Seeing the doc at 8am before we head off though. DEFINATELY getting a fill. Don't want to make my dilated pouch worse but can I just tell you what I ate last night? 6 party pies, - SIX!, a slice of lemon tart, bowl of icecream and a cold milo. Lordy that is embarrassing.

So yeah getting a fill then off down south. GB's friend's fiancee & I are having facials in the afternoon while the boys check in (3 of them plus 1 of my best friends are doing the triathlon). Have I said what this entails? 1.9km open water swim, 90km bike ride, 21km run. And they're all doing it individually this year not as part of a team. They've been training hard though so I know they can do it. So that's Saturday and then we'll be celebrating Sunday and Monday before heading back to Perth on Tuesday.

Catching up with our wedding photographer on the Monday to talk albums. We hadn't booked one before because we weren't sure about $$$$ so the package we had chosen was just the edited photos on a disc with the rights to print. Still worried the album might be super expeno but I really want one! She said she should have our online gallery ready by the end of this week too. Can't wait to see the photos!

GB and I checked out houses to rent for my birthday weekend (the weekend after is a long weekend) as last year due to the wedding we didn't go away at all. So we might pack up the pooches and go away just our little family for a couple nights. It's heaps more expeno to rent a house or cottage but we love to take the dogs with us so we'll suck it up.

Anyone watching masterchef this year? Glad it's down to the top 24 now. I'm so sick of the crying though! Keep it together people! And if I hear one more bloody sob story I'll scream!

Anyhoo, best do some work! Hope you're all well.

Friday, April 23, 2010

hehe I have comments!

Wow the immediate effect of switching to Blogger - I've had more comments than ever!

Official weigh in this morning had me down 1kg from last week which is fabulous I know, except that I also know that I was down to 76kg flat on Monday and today was 76.5. I did do pilates yesterday afternoon - which I completely sucked at - even apologised to the instructor as I was just so weak I couldn't hold anything together. Also dragged my fat arse to the gym after work for a barely sweat raising 20mins on bike and 10mins on treadmill.

Cara may be right though, I've heard that some brides get post wedding blues because they live and breath the wedding for so long they don't know what to do with themselves afterwards. I don't know, I HATED the whole organisation of the wedding, Glad I don't have to think about it anymore actually! But it is hard after the high of the wedding and honeymoon to be back into our normal life routine I guess. Or maybe it's just my usual TTOM blues (due next week :)). I don't want to make excuses... But I will!

Sally - don't know where I found this template in the end - I googled "Free blogger templates" and searched around. I can't seem to adjust the labels though so I'll prob change it again soon. Hope to catch up with you over here soon! How lucky are you going to Chicago!

Long weekend this weekend - hooray! And because we're heading down south for the 1/2 Ironman triathlon next Friday, it means only a 3 day work week next week! WOO HOO!

Must write up a post on the Biggest Loser supersets I did on Monday which have crippled me all week but burned some serious calories. Speaking of BL, found the Friday night Masterclasses really interesting and also was surprised to hear the Dr saying that the contestants should weigh themselves every day to ensure they keep the weight off! Quite surprising.

Anyhoo, is it ice coffee time yet?

Thanks for all your comments, I'm sure I won't sit in my funk for long!

Em :)

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I am struggling in so many senses of the word.

Struggling to find motivation to exercise
Struggling to not shove my face full of chocolate and icecream
Struggling when I do exercise to actually do anything (seriously strength is pathetic)
Struggling to work out how to get that "recent posts" label off the background to the right
Struggling to control myself from eating a big mac when I know I could physically do it at the moment
Struggling to do any work
Struggling to go home and do any work
Struggling to be civil to people let alone nice
Struggling to understand why my flannel shirt turned my iphone cover pink.
Just struggling.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Hello blogger!

OK so I've done it I think. Moved to blogger that is. Or is it blogspot? Anyway, things are a bit all over the place at the moment as you can see. Any recommendations about layout, what's working, what's not working, ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm HTML retarded which makes things like changing column widths, descriptions etc pretty bloody hard!

I think I'm following all my regular bloggers. Not sure what the diff is if I click on the "Google Friend Connect" thingo some of you have or if I click on the "follow" button on the top toolbar. So if I'm not following you, please leave me a comment with your blog so I can find you again!

Anyhoo, hi guys!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Facebook & Email Contact

Frick, trying to figure a way to let you know my email address without giving it to the whole world is too bloody hard!!! I thought that whole "Gravatar" thing was supposed to be public. Oh well.

Not to be too cloak and dagger about it, but if you want to add me on facebook, send me an email to and I will give you my full name to search.

There's lots of things I like about wordpress but increasingly more things (like this) that are bugging me. With my banditblossum wordpress buddy abandoning me for blogspot, perhaps I should give blogspot another go. I used to have another blog there a few years ago and found it very user unfriendly and the layout pages weren't particularly attractive (I'm not creative, so have to depend on others!). But given that 95% of bloggers I follow are there maybe I'll give it another go. Will see how hard it is to import all my posts from here over there. What are everyone's thoughts?

Will get back to you in a few weeks on the clothes issue. I commented below but just to repeat, I have no idea what I've got really and my sister wants first dibs, so I'll try to sort through it over the next couple of weeks, then post some pics.

Em :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

PS - Clothes

I noticed that there's some bandits who are giving away their too big clothes to other bandits. I'm more than happy to do this too - I usually just round up a bag and donate to the salvos but I'd be just as happy giving them to someone losing weight. I know how bloody expensive it is to keep replacing your wardrobe. Is anyone interested in this? Leave me a message and if there's enough interest I'll go through my clothes and take some pics and post them here.

I'm back - grab a cuppa it's going to be a long one!

Hey guys,

Thanks for all your comments on my photos. I mentioned facebook having more photos so if you want to add me as a friend that's cool but pls don't publicly say anything on my wall about lapbanding because as you know, it's a bit of a secret! I've added a little avatar thingy to the right which if you click on it will give you an email address for me - not sure if you can use this to search for me on facebook or not but if you flick me an email we'll work it out between us!

I've started wading through all the blogs I've missed but I'm a bit all over the shop. I use this RSS feed toolbar that scrolls across my browser with unread posts but they're not in any sort of order that I can tell so it's a bit like Blog Post Lucky Dip! I'm especially loving the ones about "lady bits"! I will comment when I can but until I get through the backlog I may not - don't be offended! If you're on my bloglist I'm reading you!

The last 6 weeks have been so insane I don't know where to start! I'll start with my hens night the week before the wedding. My sisters had planned the whole thing and I knew some vague details but that was it. They picked me up mid afternoon and we drove to some hotel apartments in the city. They'd booked a 3 brm apartment for us to stay in over night for the 3 of us plus 2 of my close friends and my cousin who lives in Sydney who came early just for the hens night. We had a few cosmos and some nibblies and then I was told that I had to sit in a seat and they were going to tie me to it and blindfold me. I was having none of that shit! I refused to be tied up but sat there blind folded. They knew I didn't want a stripper so I wasn't too stressed and then someone came in behind me and I think they were playing "You can leave your hat on" and someone started blowing in my ear and giving me a lapdance! I assumed it was one of my girlfriends and then my blindfold was taken off and in front of me was one of my best friends from England! My sisters, dad & mum had paid to fly her over for the wedding! It was amazing, there were tears and screaming! After more cosmos we all frocked up (we all wore masquerade masks and caught the bus to Northbridge for dinner with about 20 other friends and family members. After a bit of kerfuffle about where the table was located, we tucked into some champers and dinner. During the night my sisters had arranged rounds of Emma Trivia. It was heaps of fun. Then about half of us headed off to a karaoke bar where as usual we got shitty about our songs not being picked and were almost about to leave when we finally got some on. We partied on there (numbers dwindled) till about 2am, then headed to a club which had an area upstairs playing 80's' & 90's music. There we came to an epiphany. The girls of today wear FLAT shoes!! Here we were being all hardcore in our ridiculous heels and they've smartened up and worn flats! Anyway at about 4.30am we decide a trip to Fast Eddy's (24hr cafe) is in order for some chips and sundaes (what else would we eat at 4.30am?). We walked back to the apartment and finally fell asleep at about 5.30am. I could only sleep for a couple of hours and I'm telling you I was unwell. I'm far too old for those sorts of shenanigans!

And that started a downward slide that week. I assumed it was lack of sleep and a hangover but all of a sudden food was revolting - I couldn't stomach anything (YAY I hear you say? Not that much fun in reality). Then the reflux started again and it was BAD. I was nearly in tears each night. Tuesday I called Watson's rooms and they didn't have any doctors in that day but got me in the next day. I saw Maria Ingram (think I blogged a bit about it). She was concerned because I didn't have that much fill in to begin with. She took out about half and said she'd left about 1.7ml in - which is less than you have when you're first banded. As I mentioned she sent me for a barium swallow in case I had a slip. I might add that trying to fit in time for a doc appt and a barium swallow while you're trying to get the final bits of your wedding organised is NOT easy! Anyway it turned out I had a band dilation which is a stretched pouch probably caused when my band was too tight (regular readers will know I've had quite a bit of probs with this). Dr Ingram called me while I was having my nails done to say she got the report and basically I need to get back to basics to relieve any pressure on my band to allow the stomach pouch to retract to its normal size. Which has not been easy as the hunger has slowly returned and my portions are getting back to pre band sizes!!! Hard to manage while you're on your honeymoon! Anyway I decided to put that all aside to concentrate on the big day.

I had the beginnings of a head cold that week before too. Then on Friday (day before wedding) I woke up with NO voice. Pretty hard to say your vows when you can't speak! Over the day it came back, scratchy but back. Thursday night we picked up all my family who were coming in from Sydney & Melbourne. It was a great reunion. Friday we all headed to Margaret River (about 3hrs south of Perth). I should mention that since December Perth has had virtually no rain and the weather has been ridiculously warm. Well in Margs on Friday it was cool and overcast. I was not impressed. Everyone said though that its good that there's clouds because it makes for better photos! Anyway, Friday night we all surprised GB with one of his best friends from England. He was over at Christmas and told me he was going to try to come back but with his job and $$ it may not be possible, but it all came together. GB almost lost his mind! Fri night it was a friend's birthday so 10 of us headed to Must Winebar and had dinner (yummo). Saturday morning arrived and GB took off first thing for golf with his friends - the last I'd see him before the ceremony.

A little bit later my sister called from her apartment to see if i wanted to walk into town for a coffee. So we did that. We also had to go to the chemist to see if they had anything to numb her throat. She had the WORST case of pussy tonsils I've ever seen! So bad that one of her glands was so swollen that it was causing a massive lump on the side of her neck! She really wanted to have a good night. The chemist suggested this spray thingo which we used and she said it was immediately better. From then on we moved all the dresses to my apartment, the hair/makeup lady showed up at 11am to get us all started. The day seemed to go quite slowly, and then all of a sudden it was 4.30pm and we were all rushing around to get ready!

I knew that I'd lost a couple kgs in the past week from being so ill but hoped it came off my arse. As soon as my sis did up my dress though I knew my boobs were smaller than at the last fitting. Sure enough I had to keep hoying it up after the ceremony, during the photos!!! Luckily I'd had spaghetti straps sewn into them so I pulled them on for the reception and it was smooth sailing. We arrived at the winery and that's when I finally had a meltdown - I couldn't stop the tears! It was almost funny. I think I was so overwhelmed that the time was finally here! I pulled it together and got the show on the road. To be different, both the boys & gal's walked down either side of the guests (rather than a centre aisle). It was a bit hairy walking in heels on grass and down a few stairs (and I stepped on my dress a couple times), but I had a great laugh when I looked over to see my fiance doing a dance down the stairs to the music. (All you need is Love - The Beatles). The ceremony was pretty quick and I managed to hold it all together! Although it was a bit cold outside it all went really well.

From there the bridal party had a few pics and then returned to the winery for the cocktail reception which was fabulous. We got the 2 very quick speeches out of the way and then did our dance. GB and I danced for a minute to our song (Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol) but as that's a difficult song to dance too (no beat!) we had been practicing with the rest of the bridal party to do a evening quickstep sort of dance to Love Will Keep Us together. There was a bit of confusion at the start but we pulled it together and apparently it looked fabulous! Can't wait to see the video! Then the party got started in full swing. Our DJ was fantastic - I had to ask him to play a shit song so I could go and pee!. The cocktail food was great and everyone seemed to have a brilliant time. We'd set up a kind of photo booth with a backdrop and camera on a tripod for our guests to have photos in front of and there was a little white board for them to hold up messages. It was a bone of contention between GB and I which I won and it was a massive hit! We've had really good feedback that it was one of the best weddings they'd ever been too. After the reception we all hopped on the bus transport we'd arranged back to the hotel and then partied on in my sister's apartment till the wee hours again!

It was like a big 3 day party. The next day we had a lunch just with our immediate families and then put the word out that we'd be having a bbq in the middle of the apartments for dinner which a lot of people rocked up for.

Monday we took my Aunty from Melbourne to a few wineries and the chocolate factory and slowly headed back to Perth. That was the day that Perth was hit by the hail storms and a few of our friends have bad damage to their cars. We were lucky that we were late enough just to hit torrential rain.

Tuesday night we headed off for our honeymoon. Details of that I'll leave to another post.

Today I did an official weigh in and I'm back up to 77.5kg which is disappointing but it has been 4 weeks with basically no fill in my band and drinking wine like it was water and eating out nearly every single day.. oh and no exercise, so a 3.5kg gain is understandable! I've been pretty much fluey this whole time but this past week my asthma has been chronic. Went to my GP yesterday and he put me on antibiotics & steroids. I haven't slept properly in 3 nights which totally sucks. Was planning on getting back into exercise this week but just haven't been able to. Did do pilates on Tuesday and also went to the gym after work for 45mins cardio where I thought I might actually pass out. Will give the weekend for the drugs to kick in and hopefully will be full steam ahead on Monday.

Well that's enough for one post!

Talk to you all soon!

Mrs Em :)

Friday, April 2, 2010


Quick note sitting in a cafe in brisbane at the end of our honeymoon. Wedding was perfect! Will try to post a couple of pro photos that have been sent to me but there's more on facebook if you want to friend request me.