Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Stupid cough

Hi all,

Well I was sick as a dog the week before last with chronic asthma. Had to go on a course of steroids and antibiotics. Was pretty much at 80% last week with the cough subsiding. Well in the last few days it's been back with a bloody vengeance. I sound like a fricking barking horse. Had some steroids left still so starting those again. Hopefully it won't get to the stage of last time where I "slept" (and by "slept" I mean watched tv all bloody night) on the couch for 4 nights. GB needs his sleep this week for his 1/2 ironman triathlon on Saturday so will take myself out of the room if I have to.

Had a lovely weekend, gorgeous weather in Perth. Had friends over for lunch on Sunday where I cooked and prepared from Saturday afternoon and then all day and night Sunday! We had tapas style but certainly not healthy food by any stretch of the imagination (the deep fryer got a work out!) but most of it was really tasty and only 1 dish failed on the day! We had a fun afternoon of food and far too much wine and then watched the video of our wedding that they had recorded. It was really fun to relive it and reminded us of how fantastic our reception was - I'd do that part again!

Super short work week for me this week. Friday we're off to Busselton (2.5hrs south of Perth) for the 1/2 ironman. Seeing the doc at 8am before we head off though. DEFINATELY getting a fill. Don't want to make my dilated pouch worse but can I just tell you what I ate last night? 6 party pies, - SIX!, a slice of lemon tart, bowl of icecream and a cold milo. Lordy that is embarrassing.

So yeah getting a fill then off down south. GB's friend's fiancee & I are having facials in the afternoon while the boys check in (3 of them plus 1 of my best friends are doing the triathlon). Have I said what this entails? 1.9km open water swim, 90km bike ride, 21km run. And they're all doing it individually this year not as part of a team. They've been training hard though so I know they can do it. So that's Saturday and then we'll be celebrating Sunday and Monday before heading back to Perth on Tuesday.

Catching up with our wedding photographer on the Monday to talk albums. We hadn't booked one before because we weren't sure about $$$$ so the package we had chosen was just the edited photos on a disc with the rights to print. Still worried the album might be super expeno but I really want one! She said she should have our online gallery ready by the end of this week too. Can't wait to see the photos!

GB and I checked out houses to rent for my birthday weekend (the weekend after is a long weekend) as last year due to the wedding we didn't go away at all. So we might pack up the pooches and go away just our little family for a couple nights. It's heaps more expeno to rent a house or cottage but we love to take the dogs with us so we'll suck it up.

Anyone watching masterchef this year? Glad it's down to the top 24 now. I'm so sick of the crying though! Keep it together people! And if I hear one more bloody sob story I'll scream!

Anyhoo, best do some work! Hope you're all well.

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  1. Yay I love your new blogger site - just a quick suggestion but if you felt up to it you could do your own photo book. I use Blurb.com but there are heaps of other sites and they look really good - the only prob is you need the time and patience but since you have the photos on a disk ready to go you could come up with something great for around $100 for a big hard cover album. Just an idea :-).