Thursday, April 29, 2010

Pathetic - table for one

Hi gang... can I call you gang?

I wasn't going to post this but then I thought, what the heck. Let the people know what kind of loser I am. Why? Because yesterday I decided I was pregnant.

And here's why -

1) I've put on weight. Surely it can't be because I'm eating like a farking trooper and not doing any exercise.. Oh and deep fried food - bring it. No that can't be the reason. Must be up the duff.

2) I've been.. how can I say it... more flatulent than normal. Can't be from all that fatty food I've been shoving down my giant gob. Must have a bun in the oven.

3) I'm sick .. again.. Obviously the demon child in my belly is causing my immune system to shut up shop. It clearly can't be because I'm run down and not looking after myself.

4) I had a funky metallic taste in my mouth .. Clearly a pregnancy symptom and not from all the drugs I've been consuming.

5) I was about 24hrs late for my period according to my iphone app.

So I peed on a stick at lunchtime yesterday. Big fat negative. And then an hour later I got my period. In my defence, I did google early pregancy symptoms and did find these things on the list, but what the hell is wrong with me! I'll find any excuse except the most simple one - that I'm eating too much crap!

Incidently I felt a bit glum when the stick was negative. Which is freaking me out as well. Also when I told GB that I got my period (I'd told him I took a test) he starting pouting and said he had a bit of hope for a minute (Even though the test was negative). Holy moly.

So I'm DEFINITELY getting a fill tomorrow.

Move aside, crazy person coming through!


  1. So crazy person ..... Do u want a baby? Or is it too soon? Not sure whether to say sorry or not. Hope u are ok

  2. Awww. You know if you HAD been pregnant, you would have dealt with it anyway. Course you would. But yeah, sounds like you need a fill. Phantom pregnancy anyone? xxx

  3. I can understand being a little disappointed - babies are lovely and I can highly recommend them :-)

    But you'll know when the time is right.

    Just think - when you do fall pregnant you will being giving your baby such a healthy start to life!


  4. so funny!
    Maybe this just means that its time to actually work on having a baby, it sounds like both of you want one!!!

  5. You are not crazy..........perfectly normal going by all the women I talk to when there is a chance they could be preggers

    And unfortunately the early pregnancy symptoms are very similar to the pre-menstrual symptoms - sucky I know!!!

    You'll be up the duff when the time is right for you :-) but I warn you - I seemed to gain weight about a month before both pregnancies and then fell pregnant - so maybe your body is getting 'ready' hehehhe better get practising if you know what I mean LOL

  6. Oh you poor thing! I always think I am pregnant if I am a bit late too, I think it is a fear all woman get and we make the symptoms up to go along with it!

    Oh, not sure if I have said it yet, but you just looked so beautiful in your wedding photos. I loved looking at them, it makes me all teary! :-)

  7. Hi! I just found your blog and look forward to following your journey! First fill for me today so wish me luck!