Tuesday, October 19, 2010


How cute is this:

It's a wall sticker. So cute and yet so flipping expensive! Have come to realise that planning for a baby is much th same as planning for a wedding. Cost PLUS PLUS PLUS! Seriously, a white chest of drawers from a furniture shop might be $200... from a baby shop? $900. Jokesville. Oh but that wall art is fricken devine. I wonder if I can use the excuse of how much we saved on the pram as justification for spending a horrifying amount on a sticker?

On Saturday we ordered a cot, chest of drawers and change table. From the baby store, the quote for the exact same furniture (same brand and everything) was about $1500 (and that was including a 10% discount!). David Jones had a 20% off sale on baby stuff and we managed to get it for $1100. GB was sad that it takes 12weeks to come in because he wanted to set it all up. So I let him pick out some bassinet linen (did I tell you I bought a second hand bassinet for $50? bargain!). Probably not what I would have chosen but gotta let him have a few wins so I can buy ridiculously expensive "wall art"!

Have decided to give our daughter an invoice for all this stuff when she becomes a supreme court judge, or world renowned surgeon so she can pay as back. Fair call I think. GB has also decided it's going to be our new family tradition that all children have to hand 50% of their earnings to us forever (kind of like first born male asians). Seems fair policy.

Been feeling some movement - not from outside again yet though. Probably she's too scared to move in case we bill her :)

On Sunday we successfully did the JDRF walk around the river. It's about 6.5km and I finished in 1hr 22. I think my best ever is about 1hr5 or something but not bad considering its the most exercise I've done in months and it was really warm. Yesterday we went back down to the river - GB ran the 6.5km loop while I just walked to the bridge and back (about 3.6k). I wanted to see if I'd be able to do the fitness test this morning, rather than embarrass myself! Anyway yesterday I did the 1.61km in about 15 1/2 mins. Just scraping in under the required 16min. On the way back from the bridge I was BUSTING for the loo. It was a tough call to get there I tell ya! Anyway this morning at work I officially did the fitness test in 15mins. Last year did it in about 14mins but anyhoo, I am pregnant! I have been absolutely buggered since though! I could nap any second I think! Hubby's foot still not pain free but he said it's about 60% better than it was which will at least allow him to start training. He's doing less than 10km at a time at the moment but will do a big run on the weekend I think.

Things are much better since the fill removal - no PBing at all! Unfortunately my hunger is back with a ferociousness. Added to my carb craving and inability to stay away from chocolate, I'm too scared to hop on the scales at the moment! Got another appointment with the OB next week so expecting to get a telling off for weight gain.

Anyhoo, here's a pic of the pooches in the aforementioned $50 bassinet:

In other news, I had a dream last night which I recall very little of other than the fact that Amy W was in it! Bizarro!

Well I better pretend to do some work for another couple hours. 3 months 9 days till at least 6months off - woo hooo!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Half way....

Hi all,

Well this morning I had another 1ml removed. Have been struggling now for a couple of weeks to keep anything other than icecream down (as much as I was loving the ice cream!) so went and saw Doc Bowater who took 1ml out, then made me scull a cup of water to see if it went down. If it didn't he'd empty the band completely, but it did so left what remained (a measly 1.35ml).

Other than that feeling quite good. Starting to feel the baby move a bit - including a definite kick in my hand the other night - quite amazing! Still looking more fat than pregnant, but belly is starting to poke a bit. Work shirts are starting to get tighter and had to buy some maternity pants from Target (loving the stretch fabric!).

 Managed to drag my butt to the gym last night for 30mins on the bike. It's amazing how quickly fitness drops off - because my level was about half what I used to do but still, better than nothing. Off again to pilates tonight. Last week was tough - my butt and hamstrings were nearly crying the next day! Haven't managed to do the antenatal aqua aerobics but hopefully will next week.

I'm doing the 7km JDRF (Juvenile diabetes) walk on Sunday. Will be interesting given I've not walked that far in months! If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so on my page here http://walk.jdrf.org.au/teamParticipant.asp?participantID=2809

Our pram just arrived today. We ended up purchasing it from the US given the strong exchange rate, and saved ourselves $400 in the process. This is what we bought:

Baby Jogger City Elite

So that's exciting - we'll put it all together tonight. Hubby also moved the study furniture out into our activity area upstairs leaving the now nursery empty and ready for a revamp. First step is putting in a split system aircon which should happen over the next few weeks.

Looking forward to our trip to Sydney next month - I could really do with a holiday! When we get back it's just a couple of week's till we head south to Busselton for the weekend. GB is supposed to be training for his marathon leg of the Ironman (beginning of December) but has been having issues with his foot. Turns out he has something called a Morton's Neuroma which is basically an inflamation of the nerves under his toes. Yesterday he had to have a cortisone injection into it which with any luck will allow him to train within a few days! Poor love hates needles but he was a tough cookie. Given it's only 6 weeks away I'm worried about the little training he's been able to do but I know he'll do everything in his power to finish the 42km.

Well I best do some work and try to catch up on your blogs (possibly not in that order!)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a difference 3 weeks makes!

Last night we went and had the 19week anatomy scan. The sonographer started by asking whether we wanted to know the sex. I told her yep our OB had told us a few weeks ago it was a boy. She said "was he confident?", Me: "Seemed fairly confident", Sonographer: "It's pretty clearly a girl", Me: "What's that now?", Sonographer: "It's definitely a girl".

So yeah, it's a girl. I of course am stoked - poor hubby nearly needed to be carried out of the ultrasound place! Had to shout him dinner and a beer. He's all good about it but like he said - if we were told three weeks ago it was a girl, no issue. But in the last 3 weeks he'd been making plans with his son in his head for the next 40 years. So he's having to backtrack. The other thing is that we'd actually managed to agree on a boy's name and now I have to put all that effort in again to bring him around to the girl's names I like! mwah ha haaaaaa.

The rest of the scan was good. Amazing the detail that was available. 2 feet, 10 toes, 2 hands, 10 fingers, brain, heart, kidneys, eyes, nose, mouth. She freaked us out by switching into 3D mode. That picture is bloody freaky deaky!

Other than that things are going ok. Band being a bit of a bitch for the past week, not being able to keep much down at all for some reason - but dinner last night finally stayed down so hopefully have turned a corner on that.

Fire Coordinator just told me she's expecting me to do the fire fitness test still this year even though I'll only be around for part of the season. It's a 1.6k walk in 16mins. Last year I did it in 14mins. I reckon this year I'll be luck to do it in 30mins! bah ha ha! But I'll give it a go!

Started pregnancy pilates last wednesday night. It's good as it's only 45mins and there's a lot of stretching and pelvic floor exercises and was sorry to see the crab is still ok to do. I flipping hate that exercise! But still, I felt good after doing it and will go again tonight. May start antenatal aqua aerobics either tomorrow night (if my boardies fit) or next week too. Bought some maternity bathers online which are great so will also be able to do laps. Weather fining up in Perth too so I'm thinking some weekend walks with the pooches may be in order. Speaking of:

Gotta cruise, sorry haven't been commenting on blogs lately but I am trying to read them all! If I'm not following yours please leave a link in the comments :)