Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Half way....

Hi all,

Well this morning I had another 1ml removed. Have been struggling now for a couple of weeks to keep anything other than icecream down (as much as I was loving the ice cream!) so went and saw Doc Bowater who took 1ml out, then made me scull a cup of water to see if it went down. If it didn't he'd empty the band completely, but it did so left what remained (a measly 1.35ml).

Other than that feeling quite good. Starting to feel the baby move a bit - including a definite kick in my hand the other night - quite amazing! Still looking more fat than pregnant, but belly is starting to poke a bit. Work shirts are starting to get tighter and had to buy some maternity pants from Target (loving the stretch fabric!).

 Managed to drag my butt to the gym last night for 30mins on the bike. It's amazing how quickly fitness drops off - because my level was about half what I used to do but still, better than nothing. Off again to pilates tonight. Last week was tough - my butt and hamstrings were nearly crying the next day! Haven't managed to do the antenatal aqua aerobics but hopefully will next week.

I'm doing the 7km JDRF (Juvenile diabetes) walk on Sunday. Will be interesting given I've not walked that far in months! If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so on my page here

Our pram just arrived today. We ended up purchasing it from the US given the strong exchange rate, and saved ourselves $400 in the process. This is what we bought:

Baby Jogger City Elite

So that's exciting - we'll put it all together tonight. Hubby also moved the study furniture out into our activity area upstairs leaving the now nursery empty and ready for a revamp. First step is putting in a split system aircon which should happen over the next few weeks.

Looking forward to our trip to Sydney next month - I could really do with a holiday! When we get back it's just a couple of week's till we head south to Busselton for the weekend. GB is supposed to be training for his marathon leg of the Ironman (beginning of December) but has been having issues with his foot. Turns out he has something called a Morton's Neuroma which is basically an inflamation of the nerves under his toes. Yesterday he had to have a cortisone injection into it which with any luck will allow him to train within a few days! Poor love hates needles but he was a tough cookie. Given it's only 6 weeks away I'm worried about the little training he's been able to do but I know he'll do everything in his power to finish the 42km.

Well I best do some work and try to catch up on your blogs (possibly not in that order!)


  1. Have fun on your trip!

    Rest up while you can ;-)

  2. We went with the City Select as I like the 4-wheelers. Wish I had the courage to buy from the USA. We went with a local baby shop.