Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy new year!

Hi guys,
Just a quick one. Hope everyone had a great festive season. Ours was pretty busy but nice.  All the sweets I'd baked went down well with everyone which was good.

Babywise - we're just over 32 weeks now so getting into crunchtime! GB painted the nursery during our break and we bought some linen so the room is coming together now. The blood tests I had with the GTT showed a was extremely iron deficient so am now on iron supplements. Have started to feel a lot better since taking them - I can nearly get through the whole day without needing a nap! The last OB appt just before xmas went well - the placenta was about 3cm away from the cervix so although not completely in the clear, that was a good step forward.

16 work days remaining till I go on parental leave. I think with my work paid parental leave plus the govt pd parental leave plus my long service leave I *should* be able to stay off work until 2012. We'll see of course, you just never know what's going to happen especially with interest rates and the cost of living going up!

Anyway, I have 79 of your blog posts to catch up on so better get to it! Oh yeah and work ... hahaha

Here's some festive pooch photos:

Baxter Chillaxing

Happy Bax

Baxter's first visit to the beach (he loved it!)

Can I haz corn?

Clean & groomed pooches

Professor Baxter

Happy Westie

Christmas Day outfits. Yeah they're not too impressed. The kilts only lasted about 10mins, but the bowties they kept on for a day.