Monday, May 31, 2010

Fill er up!

Hey kids,

Just been to see Doc Bowater this morning. Did not want to look at the scales and I really wish I hadn't! Lordy bigordy. I'm even too embarrassed to type the number here. Any hoo we added 0.75ml into my band taking it up to 3.75mls. This is still 0.5ml lower than what I was before the whole pouch dilation episode the week before the wedding but hopefully enough to curb my appetite and portion sizes. Geez that man can yabber on too. Yes I know what I should be doing but I'm too farking hungry! Give me back that period where I didn't think about food and wasn't hungry till 2pm! He wants me to be in a place where I start to get hungry around 12 midday which would still be better than where I am at the moment - which is hungry every second of the flipping day! He also wants me to only eat sweet foods (ie chocolate) one day a month! I can't wait to tell hubby this coz he will laugh his arse off. I know I'm eating far too much chocolate and icecream and milo at the moment so I am going to try to cut this down to once a week.

I think I'm going to give the City to Surf a go too. I've walked it twice and it's not a fun track. It's 12kms and about 3 real doozy of hills. I'd like to try and "run" it this year. It's in August. I've signed up for the weekly training schedules and I looked at week 1 and nearly cried in fear!! It's going to be tough but I really need another goal to keep me motivated. Because apparently being bridesmaid for my sister in September isn't enough!

Was going to put up another batch of clothes today but left the list at home so will do it tonight or tomorrow so check back! If any international readers are interested you're more than welcome to the clothes if you pay for postage!

Have I mentioned that I'm off to Bali in like 6 weeks? My sister is 30 in july so 4 of us are off to Bali for 5 nights. Look there's another goal I should be heading towards- need to fit into my honeymoon bathers!!

Well better get stuck into work. Short week this week as we're having Friday off and heading to Yallingup for the long weekend. I can't wait!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Clothes Part 2

Well those last ones were gobbled up quickly so here's another lot. I've agreed to throw in up to $10 postage but if it's more than that whoever wants them needs to pay for postage. Also if you take more than 5 items you have to wait 3 days before putting your dibs on anything from the next batch of clothes. That way everyone gets a chance. So keep checking back!

N) Brand: Just Jeans; Desc: 3/4 cargo pants. Size: 16


O) Brand: Target; Desc: paisley peasant top; Size: 18

P) Brand: Target; Desc: Pink long top, tie at back; Size 18

Q) Brand: Target; Desc: long black skirt (lined); Size: 18

R) Brand: Target; Desc: Brown pants; Size: 18

S) No tags on these but think they're from crossroads and a size 18

Desc: Green chiffon strappy top with matching tie up top

T) Brand: Charlie Brown; Desc: Lace burgandy singlet top; Size 16


U) Brand: Kmart Now; Desc: Black & White skirt; Size 18

V) Brand: Target; Desc: Black pants; Size: 18

W) Brand: Glassons; Desc: Green & Black top with black elasticised band at bottom; Size 14

Leave a comment below or email me at if you're interested!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Clothes! - Taken!

Hey kids,

I finally sorted through most of my clothes and have compiled a list. I know how expensive it is to replace your wardrobe whilst losing weight so hopefully this will help some of you out. My sister has already scavenged some of the best stuff though which is why the letters aren't in order anymore!

So as not to have a ridiculously long post filled with photos, I'll break it down over a few posts over the next week or so. You can leave a comment below or email me at if you want any of these pieces. First come, first served! All sizes are Australian.

Also, I apologise in advance for some of these photos - they're really shit!

And man, do I shop a lot at Target!

btw - does anyone know how I can upload a pic into a post and have it automatically go at the end of the post rather than at the top? What a pain in the proverbial!!

A) Brand: Autograph Desc: black crepe dress pants (hem undone); Size: 18

C) Brand: Crossroads; Desc: Olive green tie up top. Size: 18

F) Brand: Kmart Now; Desc: short sleeve blue top with v neck; Size: 18

G) Brand: Kmart Now; Desc: Grey & Blue PJ's 3/4 pants and singlet top (missing a couple decorative buttons); Size: 16

H) Brand: Girl Xpress; Desc: Red tshirt - He's so 5 Minutes Ago. (Never worn) Size 16

I) Brand: Jeanswest; Desc: Pewter Top with elastic around bottom band, tie up shoulder strap; Size: L

J) Brand: Girl Xpress; Desc: Brown tshirt (Never worn); Size: 16

K) Brand: Kmart Now; Desc: White cotton shirt; Size: 18

L) Brand: Piper; Desc: Black shirt with pockets; Size: 18

M) Brand: Piper; Desc; As black top above except it's an olive green colour; Size: 18

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Am I photogenic or what?

How funny is this pic of me at the hbf run?

I'd like to say it was when I spotted the 2nd hill but I'm pretty sure my face was like that for the whole thing!!!

mwah haaaa haaaa

Official time was 33:15 - wicked!

Monday, May 24, 2010

I did it!

So yesterday morning after a shithouse night's sleep I got up at ridiculous o'clock - 6am and got ready for the HBF Run for a Reason. 2 of our friends met at our place at 6.30am, then we drove down to the train station to catch the train to the city. The event organisers had put on shuttles from the train station to the WACA where the run was starting which was great. What wasn't great was that it was about 7C and most people where in running gear! I wore trackpants, a light longsleeve thirt under a normal tshirt and a lightweight jacket and I was freezing to death! GB was wearing running shorts and a muscle shirt!!! Luckily the torrential rain from Saturday managed to hold off with just a few sprinklings of water.

So we got to the WACA with 10,500 other people and split up. My and GB's mate's girlfriend were doing the 4.5km and the boys doing the 14km so we started in different areas and ran in different directions. The girl I was doing it with has been training for the past few weeks so I told her that I would be unlikely to run all of it (frankly any distance further than 1km I would have been stoked with) and she should just keep running without me. At the 1km mark we hit the first hill. She suffers from shin splints so didn't want to run up but I thought I'd keep going... and that was the last I saw of her! I kept going, even though I was coughing quite a bit. I got to the 2km marker and my knee was hurting and I started to get a stitch but I thought, I've made it this far, at least try to make the halfway point. So I kept going and made the 3km marker. By then I could see the lights of the WACA and thought "I'm almost there keep going!". My stitch was ok by then, but knee still aching. Then I saw another hill and thought "Oh fuck no". I contemplated walking up it and then running the rest but I knew if I stopped, the likelyhood of me running again would be slim. So I kept going. Mind you, I'm pretty sure I've moved faster on hands and knees than I did "running" this hill but never mind! So puffing and panting I made it up and then back down the hill (down hill also a killer on the knees!). I could see where we'd started and assumed that was the finish line but then saw a sign saying "You're nearly there". Bugger! So I kept going! Then there was another sign "Finish line around the corner". Bugger! Where the hell was the finish? Finally caught sight of it and motored through in a time around 33mins.

I ran the whole farking thing! With next to no training! YEAH! So my weight may be up the shitter but my fitness is still ok at least! I was really proud of myself. GB did the 14k (which was more like 14.5k) in about 1hr 8mins. He said he could have gone quicker but stayed with his mate for the first 4k to encourage him along. The girl I started with crossed over about 5mins after me - she said she ran all except the hills which is a great achievement too.

I celebrated by eating a ridiculous amount of dessert at the pub for GB's friend's birthday!

Today my calves, hip flexors and knee are all fairly sore but still proud of myself!

It's amazing what we can do when we set our minds to something!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New day

I've been wanting to do it for a while, but with a wedding looming, its not the best time to go all Felicity with your hair do, but yesterday I finally got the restyle I've been hanging out for! Chopped off about 3 inches, layered & texturalised into a concave look at the back and coloured my hair dark. It feels amazing! Here's a dodgy pic I took in the loo when I got back to the office -

Should have weighed myself before and after, coz I reckon I would have dropped a kg! Gave GB shit about it all day telling him to put my GHD straighteners on ebay and how good it felt to have shaved my head. When he saw me he said "wow that's dark, I thought you were getting a haircut?". Men! He did say later that night that he really liked it so that's good.

Remember how I weigh myself everyday, well I haven't done that this week. I just knew it would be all bad and I just can't look at it. The good thing is I'm feeling a lot better this week, have been to the gym Monday & Tuesday after work too. My eating? Well I think it's been better but I'm honestly not sure anymore. I'll weigh on Friday and see how I'm doing. Still definitely need another fill, the question is, how much? I actually bought some Biggest Loser shakes to try for lunch or dinner.. Haven't done so yet though.

My sister in law got banded last week. I hope it goes well for her. GB and I tried to give her all the information we knew because we know how hard we've worked exercise/eating wise and we also know that she'll expect the weight to come off without the exercise and I'm sure she'll eat crap. We tried to instill in her that she will have to work hard with the band and that it's a tool, not a miracle cure. Anyway, I wish her the best with her journey (not that she read's this blog).

Anyhoo, hope all 15 of my readers are going well!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wanted: Restriction

I have stopped weighing myself. I know I'm putting on weight and I hate it. I have zero restriction. I'm hungry half an hour after I eat and all I can think of is FOOOOOOD! It's really quite depressing. 2 more weeks before my next appointment.

On the good side, I'm starting to feel a bit better. Last week I had an awful headache that lasted the full week. But now my cough is really improving and asthma nearly all gone. A friend and I are doing the HBF run for a reason on Sunday. We're doing the 4.5km course and I wanted to run it but now not sure how I'll go because I haven't done any running training since before the wedding. But I'm going to give it a red hot go anyway.

We took the pooches to the RSPCA Million Paws Walk yesterday. Baxter was so well behaved (thank goodness!) Here's a pic of GB with Baxter & Westie.

Anyway, I am reading all your blogs, but I've been so busy with work I haven't managed to comment on too many, sorry about that. Just know that I am reading!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010



Tech question

So I've got the whole live signature thingy that all you cool kids are using but how do I make the background transparent rather than white so it doesn't look spazzy?


Hey guys,
Sorry for the delay between posts, been busy with work and life.. you know how it is! Anyway just to let you all know I saw Dr Bowater (who frankly is a bit of a sanctimonious twat) who agreed to put in .5ml fill. Not much change though which is a shame. Got another appointment at the end of May so will get in another .5ml. I'm taking it easy because I don't want to get to the same probs I was having before. He did give me this nugget of information in curing those 3pm sugar cravings. Red Wine. Apparently red wine actually will satiate you whereas white wine makes you want to eat and chocolate is.. well.. not good for you. Unfortunately I can't stand red wine, also not sure how the boss would like me sitting in my office with a vino! Anyway, it may help others so I'm putting it out there.

This week I'm finally starting to feel a bit better (7 weeks of being sick is really farking frustrating). Still got a sniffle and a bit of a cough but I'm down to using my puffer only once a day which is great. I'm on a mission to work out 5 times this week. Managed 3 trips to gym last week plus pilates once. Not at full steam though. Yesterday I did my HRM program on the bike for 30mins and burned 300cals which is pretty good. Was planning to get back to the C25K program but got a solid headache with about 10mins to go on the bike so talked myself out of it. Spewing a bit about the running. I'm doing the HBF Run for a reason in a couple of weeks - doing the 4.5km and wanted to run the whole thing, but doubt I'll be able to do it now. Will give it a red hot go of course though!

Oh the half ironman. GB was amazing as were all our friends. He would have been happy to finish in under 6.5hrs but was aiming for 6hrs 5mins. He did it in 5hrs 50mins! And that was with a shithouse start to the morning when 10mins before his swim was about to start, his wetsuit zip broke. This meant he had to swim in the freezing ocean in just his tri suit. More than anything it messed with his mind, he was fuming still after the 1.9km swim! And it wasn't near his best time for that distance either. But he made up for it with a blinder in the 90km ride and a solid 21km run. I made signs to hold up as they went past - will post some pics when I get them from our friend. The other boys who did it did well too. 1 did it in 5hrs 36 and the other in 6hrs 20. My friend from highschool, Alison, has been sick for 6 weeks too and managed to do it in 5hrs 37. She's phenomenal! Unfortunately GB and one of the other guys ended in the medic tent on completion which was a bit scary when we couldn't find them for an hour. We went in there to find his mate laying on the floor and GB on a bed, wrapped in space blankets and looking very pale. Apparently they were really dehydrated (GB forgot to apply sunscreen and got burnt and heat stroke) and started vomiting. GB had a needle in his leg to stop the vomiting (he complained more about how sore he was from the needle than the actual event!). They were both dizzy and had the shakes. After a couple of hours though they were feeling a lot better and against the doc's advice still had a couple celebratory beers. They all pulled up amazingly well too.

GB's next plan is a marathon - he's doing it as part of a team in the full ironman in December but might try the Perth marathon in June too. He's a machine. If you'd said 3 years ago at 127kgs he'd be doing triathlons and marathons he'd have laughed his arse off!

Anyway we had a fabulous 5 days away down south. Went and caught up with our wedding photographer who showed us these gorgeous but outrageously expensive wedding albums. We hummed and haa'd about it for a couple of days. Did some research on the net and couldn't find comparable albums any cheaper so decided to go for it. Our photos are slowly going up on the online gallery - hopefully they'll all be up by the end of this week so we can start designing the album.

And we've booked a trip to Sydney! Jetstar had a "friend flies for free" deal which meant we got 2 x return tix with extra baggage for about $430. Bargain. We'll be over for 10 days in November but will hopefully be visiting my aunty & uncle up past Port Macquarie for a few days too.

Bridal stuff back on our agenda with my sis getting married in 4months. We finally found our bridesmaid dresses on Saturday thank goodness. They're nice too - a one shoulder, full length number - unfortunately not on their website and we forgot to take pics. But my even more noticeable lumps and bumps made me realise I need to pull my finger out and drop this weight I've put on since the wedding!

Anyhoo, busy busy at work so must get back to it!

PS - My previous post was more a reflection on how I'd rather think I was pregnant than admit that I'm putting on weight because of what I was eating, as opposed to disappointment about not being pregnant. For the record, I'm off the pill but not trying to, or not trying to conceive. What will be, will be. But thanks for all the comments!