Friday, May 28, 2010

Clothes Part 2

Well those last ones were gobbled up quickly so here's another lot. I've agreed to throw in up to $10 postage but if it's more than that whoever wants them needs to pay for postage. Also if you take more than 5 items you have to wait 3 days before putting your dibs on anything from the next batch of clothes. That way everyone gets a chance. So keep checking back!

N) Brand: Just Jeans; Desc: 3/4 cargo pants. Size: 16


O) Brand: Target; Desc: paisley peasant top; Size: 18

P) Brand: Target; Desc: Pink long top, tie at back; Size 18

Q) Brand: Target; Desc: long black skirt (lined); Size: 18

R) Brand: Target; Desc: Brown pants; Size: 18

S) No tags on these but think they're from crossroads and a size 18

Desc: Green chiffon strappy top with matching tie up top

T) Brand: Charlie Brown; Desc: Lace burgandy singlet top; Size 16


U) Brand: Kmart Now; Desc: Black & White skirt; Size 18

V) Brand: Target; Desc: Black pants; Size: 18

W) Brand: Glassons; Desc: Green & Black top with black elasticised band at bottom; Size 14

Leave a comment below or email me at if you're interested!


  1. I would be happy to take the size 16 cargos and the size 16 charlie brown singlet and the last size 14 top if they are not already gone - I will be happy to pay for postage :-)

  2. Dang, you have nice stuff but alas everythings too big for me.. Even more.. who knew I would actually get to say that one day lol. PS I shop at Target too.. they have great clothes!

  3. Great to see the sisterhood thriving....I have some more stuff to offer up too