Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New day

I've been wanting to do it for a while, but with a wedding looming, its not the best time to go all Felicity with your hair do, but yesterday I finally got the restyle I've been hanging out for! Chopped off about 3 inches, layered & texturalised into a concave look at the back and coloured my hair dark. It feels amazing! Here's a dodgy pic I took in the loo when I got back to the office -

Should have weighed myself before and after, coz I reckon I would have dropped a kg! Gave GB shit about it all day telling him to put my GHD straighteners on ebay and how good it felt to have shaved my head. When he saw me he said "wow that's dark, I thought you were getting a haircut?". Men! He did say later that night that he really liked it so that's good.

Remember how I weigh myself everyday, well I haven't done that this week. I just knew it would be all bad and I just can't look at it. The good thing is I'm feeling a lot better this week, have been to the gym Monday & Tuesday after work too. My eating? Well I think it's been better but I'm honestly not sure anymore. I'll weigh on Friday and see how I'm doing. Still definitely need another fill, the question is, how much? I actually bought some Biggest Loser shakes to try for lunch or dinner.. Haven't done so yet though.

My sister in law got banded last week. I hope it goes well for her. GB and I tried to give her all the information we knew because we know how hard we've worked exercise/eating wise and we also know that she'll expect the weight to come off without the exercise and I'm sure she'll eat crap. We tried to instill in her that she will have to work hard with the band and that it's a tool, not a miracle cure. Anyway, I wish her the best with her journey (not that she read's this blog).

Anyhoo, hope all 15 of my readers are going well!


  1. Cute hair :-) Nothing better than a 'do to make you feel good about yourself!

  2. Love the hair, a change can be as good as a holiday.

    I hope your sister does well. And that she realizes sooner rather than later that the band still requires hard work.

  3. I love your hair! you look very seductive!

  4. I love the do! It looks beautiful!!

  5. I agree with everyone--the hair looks great!

  6. Love the hair and you look great. I have no idea why you do not have more followers...crazy