Monday, May 31, 2010

Fill er up!

Hey kids,

Just been to see Doc Bowater this morning. Did not want to look at the scales and I really wish I hadn't! Lordy bigordy. I'm even too embarrassed to type the number here. Any hoo we added 0.75ml into my band taking it up to 3.75mls. This is still 0.5ml lower than what I was before the whole pouch dilation episode the week before the wedding but hopefully enough to curb my appetite and portion sizes. Geez that man can yabber on too. Yes I know what I should be doing but I'm too farking hungry! Give me back that period where I didn't think about food and wasn't hungry till 2pm! He wants me to be in a place where I start to get hungry around 12 midday which would still be better than where I am at the moment - which is hungry every second of the flipping day! He also wants me to only eat sweet foods (ie chocolate) one day a month! I can't wait to tell hubby this coz he will laugh his arse off. I know I'm eating far too much chocolate and icecream and milo at the moment so I am going to try to cut this down to once a week.

I think I'm going to give the City to Surf a go too. I've walked it twice and it's not a fun track. It's 12kms and about 3 real doozy of hills. I'd like to try and "run" it this year. It's in August. I've signed up for the weekly training schedules and I looked at week 1 and nearly cried in fear!! It's going to be tough but I really need another goal to keep me motivated. Because apparently being bridesmaid for my sister in September isn't enough!

Was going to put up another batch of clothes today but left the list at home so will do it tonight or tomorrow so check back! If any international readers are interested you're more than welcome to the clothes if you pay for postage!

Have I mentioned that I'm off to Bali in like 6 weeks? My sister is 30 in july so 4 of us are off to Bali for 5 nights. Look there's another goal I should be heading towards- need to fit into my honeymoon bathers!!

Well better get stuck into work. Short week this week as we're having Friday off and heading to Yallingup for the long weekend. I can't wait!


  1. Hopefully you can get some good restriction which will kick the weight loss into gear!!! Hang in there and enjoy your weekend away

  2. No, you slack tart - you did not mention you were off to Bali - you lucky girl!!
    I emailed you back re: lunch doll, did you get it? You've become addicted to the runs (the kind your legs use, not the shitty kind!!) now... a fun run? Go you!!
    Hope that restriction hits again soon. It's an awesome place to be not being hungry all the time (and well, doh to me.. state the obvious)