Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Clothes Part 3

Still clothes available from the last batch, but here's some more! BTW - advanced editor, waaaay easier for the photo uploads!

X) Brand: Target; Desc: Stretch bootleg jeans; Size: 18R

Y) Brand: Target; Desc: Pink & Purple peasant top; Size: 20

Z) Brand: Target; Desc: Indigo stretch bootleg jeans; Size: 18R


A2) Brand: Target; Desc: grey pinstripe pants; Size: 16

C2) Brand: Jeanswest; Desc: Rose strappy top, elasticised bottom; Size: XL

D2) Brand: Target; Desc: Black & White silky top; Size: 18

E2) Brand: Barkins; Desc: black top with waist tie; Size: L


F2) Brand: Barkins; Desc: red top with tie waist; Size: L


I2) No tags. Brand: Target? Desc: brown with flowers - wear as long skirt or maxi dress; Size: 16?

J2) Brand: Target; Desc: black & cream dress; Size: 18


Go at it!


  1. HI Em,
    I have been reading for a while, just wanted to check, are you seeling the clothes, how much are they... ?

  2. Clothes are free! If you're in Oz I'll put $10 towards postage but if you're overseas you'll need to pay for postage.

    Em :)

  3. I'll take Z, J2, F2 & E2 is they are still going

    I'm such a hog hehehe

  4. All yours Yvonne! Will send them your way over next couple days.

  5. Hey Em...the weight gain couldn't have been that bad if you are still giving all these away ;)