Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Restriction City - Population: ME!

It's amazing what restriction can do for you. Not only physically but psychologically too. I had my fill on Monday and now, Wednesday morning, I'm already down 1.5kgs and my mind is nearly completely off food again. I had a yoghurt at lunch yesterday and wasn't hungry till dinner time! Ok, yes I may have had one or two or 5 baci chocolates but hey it was my birthday so 1) they don't count and 2) they were a gift so it would be rude not to eat them! And more importantly I wasn't hungry which I have been for the last 2 months!

GB cooked dinner for me last night - ricotta & spinach canneloni - he did such an awesome job! Actually, I'll post a pic:

To give you an idea on size. That's a side plate not a normal size dinner plate. Anyway it took my ages to eat it and I was fully satisfied afterwards. I didn't want the icecream or milo I've been having as "secondsies" the last couple of months. I did have a slither of birthday cheesecake though -

I actually only managed to eat about half this bit.

Unfortunately I did end up PBing later that night - I had excruciating back pain even though I didn't "feel" stuck. I think it was the 3 BBQ potato chips that I nicked of GB that broke the camel's back so to speak.

But it's also been great to wake up and not feel hungry! So hopefully the extra *cough* weight I've put on will come off over the next few weeks. I promise, no matter how bad it is, that I will post my weight on Friday.

Going to be an interesting weekend as we're going down to Yallingup for 3 nights which usually means lots of wine & cheese and fantastic food. But I AM going to go for a walk/run every day. I AM!


  1. Hey Em...what attracted me to your blog was that you still enjoyed life and lost weight. Happy Birthday and considering all your band issues are still doing awesome :)

  2. Glad to see you had a great b'day (well except for the PB episode) Here's to restriction, I hope it stays good for you.

    I can't wait until I can get to that point where I am not hungry in the mornings and can recognise that green spot we all want to find.

    Have fun at Yallingup.

  3. that canneloni looks delishious as did the cheesecake - looks like a really yummy birthday dinner. Looks like GB is a very good cook (thats a keeper ;)