Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fill in/Fill out

Sometimes this banding journey really blows. At the same time, it's saved my life. So you put up with the lows because you know the highs are awesome. Simply had to go to the doc today after another night spewing up mashed potato (which I still did again this morning). Have also PB'd up soup and water so it was high time. I thought it would go back to normal after my phantom period sideaffects abated but they're still lingering as well and I love food too much to have to see it again a few hours later. Not to mention the excruciating back pain I was having. So they squeezed me in at midday to see Dr Maria Ingram who's really lovely. She wanted to take 0.5ml and I was like "FUCK NO". I was thinking more like 0.1ml or 0.2ml. She explained that that simply wouldn't be enough to relieve the pressure because by now everything is so aggravated and swollen in there we need the band to be looser so it all eases. She agreed to remove 0.4ml and said that if I was having any probs at all tonight or tomorrow I need to come back in for more removed. Clearly my band can't tolerate large fills of 0.75ml that I had a couple weeks ago so from now on any top ups will have to be in the 0.25ml range. Very gradual. I also still have to stick to fluids for the rest of today. By the docs scales I've lost about 2.5kgs since the 30th May.

I'm currently slowly eating a Vaalia yoghurt (something that I also PB'd this week) and it seems to be going down ok so far so that's good.

Apologies to Yvonne & Sue - I promise I will get those clothes to you soon!

I will leave those clothes that are still available till the end of June people so pipe up if you still want any! When July hits I'll donate them to St Vinnies.

Hope my 23 followers are enjoying reading these blogs - if I'm not following you, drop me a comment with the link to your blog. And sorry to those I am following - I've been reading the blogs but don't always have time to comment.


  1. Sorry it's being such a pain!

    And don't stress about the clothes, all in your time. :)

  2. Ack - you've had some awful trouble with this pain band of yours. I hope the fill out really helps. Thinking of you xx

  3. I hope your discomfort is relieved soon!

  4. Em---hope you're feeling better! NO FUN!!

  5. I hope things get better now that you've had the unfill.