Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From one extent to another

So when I got my fill a couple weeks ago I was back in no hungerland which was great. Seemed to be able to eat enough too (as per my Food Porn post below!). For some reason though Sunday and yesterday I had moved from "no hungerland" to "PB/Vomit City". I know the difference between the PB and Vomit too. Last night couldn't even keep water down and I was up til about 4am back and forwards to the toilet ending up with reflux. Not fun at all. It's so weird though coz for the last few days I've felt like I've been about to get my period - seriously feeling bloated and having cramps. The thing is TTOM is not due until over a week away. It's not unusual for me to be more restricted during TTOM but it is unusual to be this restricted 10 days away. Very, very odd. GB wants me to have some fill removed but I only have 3ml in my 10ml band and I felt good last week. Next appointment is 2 weeks away - can't put up with it that long but will see how I go over the next few days.

In happier news, congrats to Yvonne over at http://banditblossum.blogspot.com/ who welcomed Lucas into the world a few days ago.


  1. you may have irritated your band, if you do not want to get an unfil right away, I would say do liquids for 3 days and if you are still in 'vomit city' get an appointment as fast as you can! But there is a chance that your band is just being pesky

  2. Thanks Em - I hope your band settles for you!!! I don't know if I am just hungry from breastfeeding but I keep thinking about those food photos from your other post - my jam toast doesn't quite live up to that :-)

  3. Ahh shoot, Em. This is terrible. Are you going to talk to your doc about it? It's no way to get through the days. I hope it sorts for you soon.