Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ch ch ch changes...

So if you saw my last post, you would know that I am in fact up the duff (thanks to all the comments too!). Blood tests and subsequent pee on a stick tests have confirmed! It caught me a bit off guard. I went off the pill in February and both GB and I assumed it would take the better part of a year if at all. We weren't measuring temps or bonking on demand, rather just letting fate take its course. If it were meant to be it would be. And so it was apparently!

I was due for TTOM last Tuesday, but waited till Friday to take a home pregnancy test. Didn't want to get GB's hopes up so did it after he left for work. But there it was in black and white. After a lot of pacing up and down the house, saying "holy shit" about a trillion times and with the dogs following me wondering what the fark was going on, I got on with my day and went to work (end of financial year being a ridiculously busy time for me).

I wondered how to tell GB and decided to nick to the shops and bought a "Greatest Dad" mug. When we went home for lunch I gave it to him. He didn't really get it, so I had to explain. He's very excited to say the least. We then discussed not getting to excited and ahead of ourselves as it hasn't been confirmed by a doc and even if it is, things can happen in the first 3 months.

I went and saw my GP later in the afternoon, where he had me pee on yet another stick - which was a faint positive (apparently morning widdle contains more of the pregnancy hormones) and sent me off with info, and instructions to have blood tests and an ultrasound in 2/3 weeks. Being a Friday I had to wait til Monday for the results which were all good and confirmed pregnancy as between 4-5 weeks.

Over the weekend I scoured the net for information about what the flaming heck I'm supposed to do now! Apparently OB's can book up before even the 5 week mark (how do people even know??) so I researched for recommendations and called up on Monday to book one. Going private but I can't believe how much out of pocket! Private only covers the delivery fees & hospital costs and none of the antenatal appointments - bloody lovely.

So now I'm humming and haaing about whether to do this ultrasound or not. I'm pretty confident of the expected due date (1 March 2011) as my cycle is pretty solid. Also my first OB appt is at the 11 week mark where I'll have an ultrasound I'm assuming to rule out any nasty stuff. So not sure if this one is necessary or not.

We didn't want to tell anyone till after the 1st trimester gets the all clear. Unfortunately I'm off to Bali with my two sisters on the 11th July for one of their 30th bday. I'm pretty sure they'll notice me not indulging in cocktails while we're there! So we've accepted that they will know. Not telling till we're in Bali though so they have 5 days to be excited and not show anyone!! It will be nice to have their support should anything go wrong.

So it goes without saying I'm sure that if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook - mum's the word. Private messages only please!

I've decided to come clean here as I'm sure I'll need to vent/speak to someone over the next few weeks so may as well use this space as an opportunity!

I'm feeling generally ok at the moment (although it is early days). A bit tired and horrific heartburn but that's manageable. I haven't been able to keep dinner down the last two nights though from being stuck - but I wonder if it's more stress related than anything. I'm guessing I'll need to start prenatal vitamins so that's next to do on the research!

Thanks for all your support,

Friday, June 25, 2010

So today this happened....

Sorry for the blurryness but I think my hands wouldn't stop shaking. Off to the doc this afternoon to I assume get a blood test or something to confirm.

Hooooollllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee shitbuckets.

PS - anyone who's friends with me on Facebook, keep on the downlow pls.

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Soooo busy at work at the moment, but promise to blog properly soon. Just wanted to send out a shout out of congrats to Lapband Girl who gave birth to Lachlan yesterday!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fill in/Fill out

Sometimes this banding journey really blows. At the same time, it's saved my life. So you put up with the lows because you know the highs are awesome. Simply had to go to the doc today after another night spewing up mashed potato (which I still did again this morning). Have also PB'd up soup and water so it was high time. I thought it would go back to normal after my phantom period sideaffects abated but they're still lingering as well and I love food too much to have to see it again a few hours later. Not to mention the excruciating back pain I was having. So they squeezed me in at midday to see Dr Maria Ingram who's really lovely. She wanted to take 0.5ml and I was like "FUCK NO". I was thinking more like 0.1ml or 0.2ml. She explained that that simply wouldn't be enough to relieve the pressure because by now everything is so aggravated and swollen in there we need the band to be looser so it all eases. She agreed to remove 0.4ml and said that if I was having any probs at all tonight or tomorrow I need to come back in for more removed. Clearly my band can't tolerate large fills of 0.75ml that I had a couple weeks ago so from now on any top ups will have to be in the 0.25ml range. Very gradual. I also still have to stick to fluids for the rest of today. By the docs scales I've lost about 2.5kgs since the 30th May.

I'm currently slowly eating a Vaalia yoghurt (something that I also PB'd this week) and it seems to be going down ok so far so that's good.

Apologies to Yvonne & Sue - I promise I will get those clothes to you soon!

I will leave those clothes that are still available till the end of June people so pipe up if you still want any! When July hits I'll donate them to St Vinnies.

Hope my 23 followers are enjoying reading these blogs - if I'm not following you, drop me a comment with the link to your blog. And sorry to those I am following - I've been reading the blogs but don't always have time to comment.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From one extent to another

So when I got my fill a couple weeks ago I was back in no hungerland which was great. Seemed to be able to eat enough too (as per my Food Porn post below!). For some reason though Sunday and yesterday I had moved from "no hungerland" to "PB/Vomit City". I know the difference between the PB and Vomit too. Last night couldn't even keep water down and I was up til about 4am back and forwards to the toilet ending up with reflux. Not fun at all. It's so weird though coz for the last few days I've felt like I've been about to get my period - seriously feeling bloated and having cramps. The thing is TTOM is not due until over a week away. It's not unusual for me to be more restricted during TTOM but it is unusual to be this restricted 10 days away. Very, very odd. GB wants me to have some fill removed but I only have 3ml in my 10ml band and I felt good last week. Next appointment is 2 weeks away - can't put up with it that long but will see how I go over the next few days.

In happier news, congrats to Yvonne over at who welcomed Lucas into the world a few days ago.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Awesome weekend: Food Porn Warning!

Hi all,

GB and I took the pooches to Yallingup last Friday for a family holiday. It's the first time in about 18months that it's just been us and the dogs and not having to register for ridiculous triathlons! We rented a house right in the bush that was just fantastic. It was a public holiday on Monday so we had 3 nights down there. Had some marvellous food and wine - I took some pics so prepare yourself for some food porn!!

Friday  night we ate at Newtown House. We were the youngest people there by about 30 years!! It was really old fashioned in decor and food. No pics coz not worth it!

Saturday we were going to go to Flutes. Flutes has won nearly every award you can for food and wine. Called them in the morning to find out they were booked out til Monday! Of course a long weekend has everything super busy! Duh! So we managed to get in at Clairault Winery. The service was pretty shoddy unfortunately but the food was sensational. I had the spatchcock (pictured) and GB had a curry (not pictured). We shared dessert which was like a choc mousse with honeycomb.

Sunday we went to Leeuwin Estate. What a gorgeous setting! After a wine tasting in which we tried a fantastic $90 chardonnay, we went and sat down for lunch (where we ordered the $30 chardonnay!). Service was great and the food was just amazing. I had the duck cooked in masterstock with scallops. I must admit I struggled a bit with the duck unfortunately. It was quite chewy. GB had the marron and it was 2 massive whole marrons! Man were they tasty! We shared dessert again, (forgot to take a pic) a choc souffle with churros and it was out of this world.

GB and I then started checking out people around us and what they were ordering. GB made a comment about why you'd order fries at a fine dining restaurant like this one? I said - "have you seen the fries? they look awesome!" And we went back and forth like that. Then off I went to the loo and just as I returned a waitress came to the table with a bowl of fries looking confused. I said "Oh that's not ours, we've already had dessert". Then GB pops up with "actually that is ours, thanks!". He said if they were that awesome we should totally have some even if we have already finished dessert! And can I just say - Best. Fries. Ever! and also - Best. Husband. Ever!

Monday, we finally got to Flutes which is at Brookland Valley Estate. Another beautiful setting. Unfortunately again service was really shithouse. GB had to go to the counter to get a waiter's attention to order more drinks and dessert. Luckily their food was fantastic. I had the Flutes Trio which was half a marron (much smaller than the ones at Leeuwin), a piece of salmon (not sure if it was meant to be cold but it was, but it was still very tasty), a piece of wild barramundi on some cream cheesey stuff. Yum. GB had the fish of the day which was like smoked salmon steaks with scallops. (can you tell we love our scallops?) He said it was superb. He finished off with a cheese plate and I had dessert (of course). The creme brulee and the crumble was really tasty but the strawberry thing in the middle was far too sweet!

So you can see we had quite the gastronomically awesome weekend! Not to mention the fabulous wines to go with it! When we were in the house GB lit the wood fire - it was very romantic. Except for the dogs barking at the possums and kangaroos of course! They had a great old time running around the bush and exploring though. Baxter was exhausted and slept all the way home and even Westie slept most of the way!

Here is a pic of Bax in the car on the way home!

And here's a pic of him chewing his foot which is his latest trick...

Anyhoo, what a fab weekend it was. Looking forward to catching up with Cara from for lunch tomorrow.

BTW - apart from pilates twice this week I've done jack all exercise. And I weighed 79.7kg this morning. Poop. Although it's still lower than I was at the Doc when I got my fill which is good. I'm struggling a bit with food this week - feeling super bloaty but not due for my period for another 10 days. Not sure what's up with that.

Anyhoo, best I do some work!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Clothes Part 4

Hey guys,
Last bunch of clothes for a while - although I will post some handbags too if anyone is interested in those? Still clothes available from the last 2 batches too so check them out. I'll leave them till the end of June and anything that hasn't been picked up by you guys I will donate to the Salvation Army.

K2) Brand: Target; Desc: black & white full length dress (never worn) Size: 18


M2) Brand: Crossroads; Desc: black knee length coat with belt; Size: 18

N2) Brand: Suzanne Grey; Desc: Black pants; Size: 16

O2) Brand: Katies; Desc: Black pants (crepe like material); Size: 18

P2) Brand: Jeanswest; Desc: Red & white top; Size: L


Q2) Brand: Target; Desc: Lime singlet; Size: 18

R2) Brand: Brown Sugar; Desc: Maroon 3/4 sleeve top; Size: L

T2) Brand: Jeanswest; Desc: pink top; Size: 16

U2) Brand: Sports; Desc: sports tank top Y back, built in bust support; Size: 16

X2) Brand: Adidas; Desc: blue tshirt; Size: 16 


Z2) Brand: Target; Desc: Black pants, wide leg; Size 16


A3) Brand: Jeanswest: Desc: Bootcut jeans button fly; Size 18


B3) Brand: Jeanswest; Desc: Stretch wide bootleg jeans; Size:14


C3) Brand: Just Jeans: Desc: Bootleg zip fly jeans; Size: 14

Email or post a comment below if you want any of these! Overseas people - if you pay for postage they're all yours too.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Restriction City - Population: ME!

It's amazing what restriction can do for you. Not only physically but psychologically too. I had my fill on Monday and now, Wednesday morning, I'm already down 1.5kgs and my mind is nearly completely off food again. I had a yoghurt at lunch yesterday and wasn't hungry till dinner time! Ok, yes I may have had one or two or 5 baci chocolates but hey it was my birthday so 1) they don't count and 2) they were a gift so it would be rude not to eat them! And more importantly I wasn't hungry which I have been for the last 2 months!

GB cooked dinner for me last night - ricotta & spinach canneloni - he did such an awesome job! Actually, I'll post a pic:

To give you an idea on size. That's a side plate not a normal size dinner plate. Anyway it took my ages to eat it and I was fully satisfied afterwards. I didn't want the icecream or milo I've been having as "secondsies" the last couple of months. I did have a slither of birthday cheesecake though -

I actually only managed to eat about half this bit.

Unfortunately I did end up PBing later that night - I had excruciating back pain even though I didn't "feel" stuck. I think it was the 3 BBQ potato chips that I nicked of GB that broke the camel's back so to speak.

But it's also been great to wake up and not feel hungry! So hopefully the extra *cough* weight I've put on will come off over the next few weeks. I promise, no matter how bad it is, that I will post my weight on Friday.

Going to be an interesting weekend as we're going down to Yallingup for 3 nights which usually means lots of wine & cheese and fantastic food. But I AM going to go for a walk/run every day. I AM!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Clothes Part 3

Still clothes available from the last batch, but here's some more! BTW - advanced editor, waaaay easier for the photo uploads!

X) Brand: Target; Desc: Stretch bootleg jeans; Size: 18R

Y) Brand: Target; Desc: Pink & Purple peasant top; Size: 20

Z) Brand: Target; Desc: Indigo stretch bootleg jeans; Size: 18R


A2) Brand: Target; Desc: grey pinstripe pants; Size: 16

C2) Brand: Jeanswest; Desc: Rose strappy top, elasticised bottom; Size: XL

D2) Brand: Target; Desc: Black & White silky top; Size: 18

E2) Brand: Barkins; Desc: black top with waist tie; Size: L


F2) Brand: Barkins; Desc: red top with tie waist; Size: L


I2) No tags. Brand: Target? Desc: brown with flowers - wear as long skirt or maxi dress; Size: 16?

J2) Brand: Target; Desc: black & cream dress; Size: 18


Go at it!