Friday, September 18, 2009

Another week in the 78's

Things I blame for my current plateau:

1) The weather. If it stopped farking raining I could start my runs/walks around the river again on the weekend because I refuse to go to the gym on weekends. Therefore more exercise.

2) The weekend. If I didn't have a weekend, I wouldn't drink lots of wine and coke, eat lots of junk food and cheese and put on 2kgs by Monday.

3) My metabolism. If I had better metabolism it wouldn't matter how off-plan I went on weekends

4) Chocolate. I'm addicted. I just had chocolate at it's only 9 in the morning. I used to only have it in the late afternoon. I think Nestle, Cadbury and Mars put an addictive chemical in it to make you crave it 10 times a day.

5) Stress at Work. I'm putting on a training program next week on top of my normal daily duties and I'm freaking out about getting the sessions I'm presenting finished in time! If I wasn't stressed maybe I'd be able to avoid the chocolate.

6) Psychological fear of reaching goal. Maybe subconciously I want to stay a bit fat. I don't think so though! I want to be under 75kgs for the wedding so bad!

My Monday - Thursday exercise regime was pretty fantastic this week if I do say so myself.

Monday - 60mins cardio at gym, 30mins wii fit active
Tuesday - 60mins cardio at gym, 30mins wii fit active
Wednesday - 55min combat class, 20mins wii fit active (upper body only)
Thursday - 60mins cardio at gym, 25mins wii fit active

Gotta tell ya that wii fit active program can cane you! I've been doing the preset programs and had to have a break from all the lunges and squats on Wednesday because my butt and inner thighs were so sore!

Of course, working out that hard was a necessity after my Monday sneak peak weigh in after yet another weekend living it up! Part of me thinks, you know what, it's a weekend and I love living my life and that means having a few wines, some big dog coke, dessert and eating out. I just need to find a way to get some more exercise in on the weekends. Of course the other part of me thinks I'd be at goal by now if I did that 1 day out of the weekend and not Friday Saturday and Sunday!!! It's a really difficult balance to find you know.

Was booked in on Monday to see Bowater. I could probably do with some fill in but I'm enjoying being able to drink heaps of water and not be afraid to eat out at lunch times. I really think my problem is psychological - I'm eating when I'm not hungry - but I don't want to be at that point of PBing all the time. I still have restriction which is good but it's not to the point of me struggling every time I eat which is also good. So I think I'm going to give it another month and see if I can get my brain to work with me instead of against me.

Anyhoo, better get back to working on these workshops!

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Em :)

PS - Sending good internet vibes to LBG today...

Friday, September 11, 2009

Challenge Review

Did I say no chocolate? Yeah...umm.. about that... I did manage to avoid chocolate for 2 whole days - amazing! Anyway I wasn't too disappointed in my result considering on Monday I weighed over 80kgs and today's official weigh in was 78.6kg still it's a gain from two weeks ago and I'm pissed that I can't get out of these 78's!! Anyway I did drink over 1.5L of water per day (usually about 2L a day) and did the following exercise:

Monday - Gym: 20mins HR program on bike; 20mins HR program on treadmill, 15mins on cross trainer; Wii : 30min workout on PT Active

Tuesday - 60min pilates; Gym: 20 mins HR program on bike; 10mins L6 on bike

Wednesday - Gym: 20mins HR program on bike; 10mins L6 on bike; 55min Body Combat class

Thursday - 60min pilates; Gym: 30mins HR program on bike

Let me tell you that HR program farking canes! I'm dripping in sweat by the end of it and my legs are like jelly!

I have another appointment with Bowater on the 21st so will see how I go but might get a small increase in fill. I like the fact that I can eat without PBing (mostly), drink water from first thing in the morning (not just in the late arvo) and hunger is not too bad but I think my portions are creeping up and I'm snacking far too often and clearly my weight is not going down! I'm in a serious plateau and frankly it's poo.

Anyhoo, best be off... Later dudes

Em :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Super Challenge

Well after another weekend so far off the wagon that I couldn't even see the wagon anymore I've decided to give myself a SUPER CHALLENGE this week! Here are my vows from Monday to Friday (weigh in day):

1)  at least 60mins of exercise per day
2) at least 1.5L water per day
3) NO CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!
4) NO snacking between meals!

I'm already struggling with No 3 because all I can think about is chocolate.....

In wedding news - GB and I picked out/designed our wedding rings on Saturday so they're off being made. Took the opportunity to have my engagement ring resized too as it's about 3/4 of a size too big. GB was spewing that we were charged for the resizing as it hadn't been done before but they said they only do it free within the first month of purchase. SUCKS. You know what else sucks? I have to have no engagement ring for 3 weeks while all this is being done!! EEK!! So I'm now sporting a rather fetching $10 Diva beauty bling instead. Told the soon to be inlaws that my e-ring just wasn't blingy or big enough for my liking so I had to trade it in for this one. The look on their faces was priceless! Then I was offended that they actually thought I would do that! AS IF! My ring is perfect!

Also purchased a Canon EOS500 DSLR camera. It's a beauty. We were like the paparazzi all day yesterday, poor Westie was not impressed! Here's yet another pic of our beloved pooch.

[caption id="attachment_359" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Westie as taken with our new camera toy!"]Westie as taken with our new camera toy![/caption]

We're in talks to get her a little brother or sister after the wedding. Went and spoke to a breeder at a show (her bio dad died of a snake bite so can't get the same parentage unfortunately) and she's going to breed her two westie's at the end of the year which will make them ready in April if all goes well. Sometimes I don't know what we're thinking getting a second dog. Double food, vet, grooming bills. Double the mischief.  And of course the inevitable discussion of have a baby and a puppy just seems too much stress for me! But I think it'll be great company for Westie. We've just arranged to get a security door on our back door with a doggy door in it so she can get in and out of the house too.

Anyhoo, I know people are dropping by which is awesome! Make sure you leave a comment to say hi!

Em :)