Friday, September 18, 2009

Another week in the 78's

Things I blame for my current plateau:

1) The weather. If it stopped farking raining I could start my runs/walks around the river again on the weekend because I refuse to go to the gym on weekends. Therefore more exercise.

2) The weekend. If I didn't have a weekend, I wouldn't drink lots of wine and coke, eat lots of junk food and cheese and put on 2kgs by Monday.

3) My metabolism. If I had better metabolism it wouldn't matter how off-plan I went on weekends

4) Chocolate. I'm addicted. I just had chocolate at it's only 9 in the morning. I used to only have it in the late afternoon. I think Nestle, Cadbury and Mars put an addictive chemical in it to make you crave it 10 times a day.

5) Stress at Work. I'm putting on a training program next week on top of my normal daily duties and I'm freaking out about getting the sessions I'm presenting finished in time! If I wasn't stressed maybe I'd be able to avoid the chocolate.

6) Psychological fear of reaching goal. Maybe subconciously I want to stay a bit fat. I don't think so though! I want to be under 75kgs for the wedding so bad!

My Monday - Thursday exercise regime was pretty fantastic this week if I do say so myself.

Monday - 60mins cardio at gym, 30mins wii fit active
Tuesday - 60mins cardio at gym, 30mins wii fit active
Wednesday - 55min combat class, 20mins wii fit active (upper body only)
Thursday - 60mins cardio at gym, 25mins wii fit active

Gotta tell ya that wii fit active program can cane you! I've been doing the preset programs and had to have a break from all the lunges and squats on Wednesday because my butt and inner thighs were so sore!

Of course, working out that hard was a necessity after my Monday sneak peak weigh in after yet another weekend living it up! Part of me thinks, you know what, it's a weekend and I love living my life and that means having a few wines, some big dog coke, dessert and eating out. I just need to find a way to get some more exercise in on the weekends. Of course the other part of me thinks I'd be at goal by now if I did that 1 day out of the weekend and not Friday Saturday and Sunday!!! It's a really difficult balance to find you know.

Was booked in on Monday to see Bowater. I could probably do with some fill in but I'm enjoying being able to drink heaps of water and not be afraid to eat out at lunch times. I really think my problem is psychological - I'm eating when I'm not hungry - but I don't want to be at that point of PBing all the time. I still have restriction which is good but it's not to the point of me struggling every time I eat which is also good. So I think I'm going to give it another month and see if I can get my brain to work with me instead of against me.

Anyhoo, better get back to working on these workshops!

Leave me a comment! (I know where you're from now Ireland, USA people - don't be shy!!!)

Em :)

PS - Sending good internet vibes to LBG today...


  1. Aww thanks honey!

    I totally agree with all of your current plateau barriers.. especially chocolate and weekends.. they totally stuff me up too!

    keep going the way you are going - you're going to get to 75 for your wedding!!!

  2. Hey Em,
    So glad I found your site - I am from Tassie in Australia.
    I was banded nearly 3 months ago - & like you it was my last resort. I'd tried everything!
    I have only lost 4 kilos since being banded & am really beating myself up about it. I know my downfall is the dreaded "C" too - I just love chocolate & it is one of the only things that goes down do well!
    I realise now to that I've got to pull my finger out & do some more exercise. It is so inspirational reading stories like yours.
    Hope it is still going well for you.
    cheers, Jules

  3. Stick with. Stress was always a big factor for me. I am a big stress eater. Seems weird but what helped reduce my stress was a book by Dale Carnegie. "How to stop worrying and start living"

  4. Lol I had a laugh at No 4... I think you might have hit on something about the something they put in there to make the chocolate more addictive.
    That said: you know what.. I hear that you're beating yourself up a bit about the whole weekend thing.. but I also read (quite a few times actually) that this is what skinny people who have social lives do (so that counts me out on both points lol)They behave during the week and live it up weekends.. and let's face it.. life is boring if you are good 24/7. You will make that 75 kg.. it might just take an extra month or two.
    Doing sooooooo well though!
    PS Hope your hayfever pisses off soon.. that sux.. I've had it and I hate it too!