Friday, September 11, 2009

Challenge Review

Did I say no chocolate? Yeah...umm.. about that... I did manage to avoid chocolate for 2 whole days - amazing! Anyway I wasn't too disappointed in my result considering on Monday I weighed over 80kgs and today's official weigh in was 78.6kg still it's a gain from two weeks ago and I'm pissed that I can't get out of these 78's!! Anyway I did drink over 1.5L of water per day (usually about 2L a day) and did the following exercise:

Monday - Gym: 20mins HR program on bike; 20mins HR program on treadmill, 15mins on cross trainer; Wii : 30min workout on PT Active

Tuesday - 60min pilates; Gym: 20 mins HR program on bike; 10mins L6 on bike

Wednesday - Gym: 20mins HR program on bike; 10mins L6 on bike; 55min Body Combat class

Thursday - 60min pilates; Gym: 30mins HR program on bike

Let me tell you that HR program farking canes! I'm dripping in sweat by the end of it and my legs are like jelly!

I have another appointment with Bowater on the 21st so will see how I go but might get a small increase in fill. I like the fact that I can eat without PBing (mostly), drink water from first thing in the morning (not just in the late arvo) and hunger is not too bad but I think my portions are creeping up and I'm snacking far too often and clearly my weight is not going down! I'm in a serious plateau and frankly it's poo.

Anyhoo, best be off... Later dudes

Em :)

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  1. Plateau's suck!!! You seem to be doing everything right (and chocolate is a lifesaver.. gotta have that.. at least a bit lol) Sounds like you are doing tons of exercise. I would love to be in the 70's.. 'Tis my goal too!