Monday, October 5, 2009

Anyone wondering where I've been?

No? Well ok then! Just a quick blog to say that I am still alive (as anyone following my twitter can attest to!) just been super busy with work and then a few days off last week. Have been eating and drinking up a storm so much so that I haven't looked at the scales for two weeks. So disappointed in myself. Barely exercised apart from pilates and the occassional walk too. I pissed off at myself that after all this time I still can't say NO! Anyway I've got an appt to see Bowater on the 16th so will get a fill. Probably just 0.25ml to try to control the mind hunger as I don't want to get to that vomitty/refluxy stage again. Had a massive PB/vomit last night after gorging myself on chips. CHIPS I tell ya! What a farking moron. Seriously.

Have been suffering from asthma/hayfever for the past 4 or 5 days and I'm pretty sure it's developed into a cold (just to top things off as if it wasn't bad enough feeling like shit psychologically, now I have to feel shit physically too). Completely blocked sinuses and soooo tired. Lovely. Anyway going for a swim tonight - hope I don't fall asleep in the pool and drown. Bought new bathers and boardies too.

OK will see what the damage is on Friday and promise to report back. Hopefully by then my pity party will have disbanded.


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  1. It's ok.. we all hit the pity party circuit every now and again.. and I'm sure you'll surprise yourself on the scales.. you probably THINK you've eaten and drunk to much and hopefully will get a nice surprise. Fingers crossed for you!