Monday, October 19, 2009

Spring into Summer Challenge

The Spring into Summer 6 Week Challenge starts over at the We Are Slimming forums this week. I'm keeping my Friday weigh in's so my challenge will actually begin this Friday. I've set my goals though. I've decided to have overall goals that I want to achieve and also weekly goals of things I want to do but don't think I'd be able to keep up for the entire 6 weeks. Baby steps as they say! Anyway I'll be updating my progress on the forums and here.

Overall Goals:
- Be in the 77's
- Exercise 5 days per week
- Drink at least 1L of water per day
- Clean out top drawer in bedside table
- Run 5kms without stopping

Weekly Goals:
Week 1 - No iced coffee
Week 2 - No ice cream
Week 3 - No cheese & Complete the John Hughes Big Walk 15kms
Week 4 - No chocolate
Week 5 - No coke
Week 6 - No snacking between meals

Go me!


  1. I love this list!!! You sound like you are focused and ready to tackle the next push. And you will do it :)

    Can I ask some advice please? I have hit that stage where my restriction has really kicked in.. I mean really!! I can drink water just fine... but I am finding solid food a bit of a push. I had two eggs with a little bit of ham this morning (I just wanted all protein no carbs) and though it went down.. it was sitting heavy. I guess this means what- ever I THINK I can eat I should about halve it? And for lunch I had sardines and tomato on a cruskit. I PB's a bit and could only eat one and felt it sitting heavy on my chest for about a half hour. Is this normal?
    My question is (I'm getting there lol) If I am having trouble with these kinds of foods, what SHOULD I eat. I'm a little puzzled as to what else might go down.
    Thanks Em.
    And keep're doing amazingly!!!

  2. good luck - you'll do great!!

  3. Hey Em,
    Thanks so much for your help on my blog: yours was actually the advice I wanted most as I know you've hit this stage already but I wasn't sure if you would get to comment in time: hence me writing about it anyway.
    I appreciate the advice.. really nice (and very helpful!!!) of you. Hope you're doing ok.. I noticed less than 6 kilos for you left to lose, how exciting!! You will be at goal weight in time for your wedding. Brilliant!!