Friday, October 16, 2009

Fill 'er up!

Just back from the doctors. They were running about 35mins late mind you! The waiting room was packed! To my joy just after I got there, a mum with two young boys came in, one of them screaming his box off. He wanted a dummy you see and mum didn't have one. Then he wanted to ride a tractor (WTF?). Then he wanted the dummy again and then to ride a tractor. Dummy. Tractor. Dummy.Tractor [my head explodes].  Think GB and I may have to rethink this whole having kids caper.

Anyhoo, when I finally got in to see Bowater, he said I was looking much better than I was before to which I replied "amazing what happens when you sleep through the night and don't throw up every meal! But I'm not happy". I explained to him the situation and he nodded and said that he's had the same conversation four times today. That for some reason it actually seems to get harder to find the right fill balance towards the end of "journey" than whilst you're on it. He wished he had some reason for it but he hasn't worked it out yet! So he offered me 0.5ml which I said I was reluctant to go to because I was worried about going back to the night reflux, PBing area which he understood and so we settled at 0.25mls and will review it in 4 weeks. According to his scales I've put on 1.6kgs since seeing him 7 weeks ago. I've actually just realised I've made my next appointment for 5 weeks time but oh well. To be honest, if I don't see an improvement in a couple of weeks I'll be pounding on the door for an earlier appointment anyway. I hope this fill has put me back into sweet spot town though.

Actually I did feel restriction nearly immediately (sort of). I was super hungry going in there, tummy rumbling and all that, and as soon as the fill was in, nothing - felt like I'd eaten! Awesomesauce.

Date night tonight and my turn to take GB out for dinner. I'm sooo broke though so we're off to Siena's in Leederville (Thank you very much entertainment book voucher!) which is BYO. Might start at The Oxford for a couple of bevvies before dinner. Going to have to be careful tonight though - got to get back into the habit of tiny bites and chewing - something which lately I haven't needed to do and so have slipped back into "normal" eating.

Have to gloat about some exercise feats this week. On Tuesday GB decided to run to his friends place (18kms!) and ride his bike back so that inspired me to thinking, "Maybe I could run a bit today". So after work I drove down to Burswood and took off around the bridges. It's usually 7kms but I took a shortcut (hehe) so it was about 6.3kms according to my iphone app. Anyway I ran my little heart out. And by "ran", I mean I shuffled ever so slightly faster than my usual walk speed! I had a strong head wind pretty much the whole way (How does that happen when you're going in a circle?!). I slowed to a walk 3 times for 300-400m each time but that meant that I ran just over 5kms all up! Amazement!

Then yesterday, GB had run to work (he works across the road from me) but was too buggered to run home so he took my car and I walked to the gym (about 2.5kms), did 30mins on HR trainer on bike at the gym, then walked the rest of the way home (about 6.5kms). All up it was 1hr50 worth of exercise and nearly 800 calories burned according to my HR monitor watch - which admittedly isn't too accurate. But my heart rate when walking was averaging around 130 which is pretty good.

And gorgeous weather in Perth finally! Going to dust of the bikes and take them for a spin tomorrow I think!

Have a super weekend,

Em :)

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