Saturday, October 31, 2009

Challenge Week 2


So I got through the week with no iced coffee.... amazing! Exercised 5 days out of the week too! Including a 10km walk around the river on Thursday night. Other than that though I didn't really do much different. Struggled with dinner a few of the nights and was quite ill on Wednesday night. PB'd up dinner and then had excrutiating backpain all night - didn't feel stuck though. So weird. I did lose 500g though which I'm pretty happy with.

Friday was GB's 35th birthday. To celebrate he went out in the morning before I woke up and ran 21kms. The equivalent of a half-marathon. Fricken amazing. Another goal of his ticked off. We both took the day off from work which was nice. We took a walk down to Tomato Lake and had a coffee (my first iced coffee in a week!), then caught up with a friend for lunch in the city at The Lucky Shag. After that we toodled off to the movies and saw All About Steve. We were the only ones in the cinemas which should have twigged us to the fact it was shite. Lordy bigordy what a big pile of stinking dog poo that movie was! After that we had a quick drink at our local pub then got frocked up for date night. As it worked it out it was his turn to organise it! We went to The Old Swan Brewery and had a couple of drinks at the bar. Yummy argentinian chardonnay! Checked out the menu there for shits and giggles. It's basically a grill - lots of steak. One of which was a 900g steak of which the cow was hand reared, grass fed, wrapped in bubble wrap, lined with gold and cost $110!!! Wowzer! We went to dinner at the other restaurant there called Zafferanos. We had a table overlooking the river which was gorgeous.  They had one of my fave cocktails on the menu (and is quite hard to find) - a Jo Jo Ivory. So I started with one of those and GB had a Martini. It was a pretty pricey restaurant (thank goodness for the Entertainment Book!) but the food was delicious. I had the red emperor which was a special with carrot puree, lemon buerre, and scalloped potatos. Sooooo nice. One of the nicest pieces of fish I've had in ages. GB had a mixed seafood plate which he said was awesome too. Then, because we're slow learners, we had a look at the dessert menu. GB decided he wanted cheese so I got the pannacotta e torte with caramal bananas (YUM). About a quarter of the way through I thought I was going to vomit. Not because it was stuck - because I was soooooo full! Both of us ended up leaving about half. Oh well!

The festivities continue today with lunch with his parents and catching up with his mates for drinks this afternoon. He doesn't know that I've organised a surprise lunch with all our friends at the Millbrook Winery tomorrow! Going to have to squeeze in some exercise somewhere so I don't put on 2kgs over the weekend!!!

Anyway - confession - already blew my no ice cream challenge for Week 2 by having a choc top at the movies yesterday - oops! But I will go saturday to saturday with no ice cream I promise!

Hope all are well!

Em :)


  1. oh well dont beat yourself up about the choc top - you are doing great

    sounds like GB had a great birthday :-)

  2. I'm so sending husband to your blog for birthday ideas for me - sounds like it was awesome.