Thursday, October 15, 2009

Countdown to Fill time

I'm hanging out for a fill.. I needs it .. I wants it...

Here's why - I'm hungry an hour after I've eaten, I wake up hungry, all I can think about is FOOD, I can't stay out of the fridge or cupboard, I'm eating too quickly, I'm eating too much, I'm eating too much crap and (and here's the clincher) I'M PUTTING ON WEIGHT!

So you can see I really do need a fill - all the signs are there.

The question is - how much?

In the back of my mind still remains the horribleness of everything I eat getting stuck, of night reflux, of waking up choking, of spending more time than I ever care to in the toilet, of being to frightened to eat anything at anyone's house or going out to dinner. I never want to get back to that stage again. But I clearly need some fill. I just want enough to control the hunger and portions but not so much so that I can't drink water again. I'm still 1 ml down from having the 2mls removed in August so I definately don't want 1ml in. I'm thinking somewhere between 0.25ml and 0.5ml. I guess I'll see what Bowater says about it.

To get back into the right frame of mind I'm joining into the "Spring into Summer" 6 week challenge over at We Are Slimming starting next week. If anyone else out there is interested, make sure you head over there and sign up! I'll post my goals and results here as well.

OK well I'd better do some work.

Cheerio chaps!

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  1. Three things;

    1. Trust your doctor's advice. He's probably gotten a lot of people to their sweet spot.

    2. Don't worry so much about the number. It's not an exact science and the way your organs sit in your body can shift a bit as you lose weight. At a later date, you might need even more of a fill. Or maybe another unfill.

    3. Ask for a barium swallow if you're worried about it being too tight. Your doc can use that to make sure there is restriction with a small amount of flow-through before you leave the office, if he has the tools in house.