Thursday, May 27, 2010

Clothes! - Taken!

Hey kids,

I finally sorted through most of my clothes and have compiled a list. I know how expensive it is to replace your wardrobe whilst losing weight so hopefully this will help some of you out. My sister has already scavenged some of the best stuff though which is why the letters aren't in order anymore!

So as not to have a ridiculously long post filled with photos, I'll break it down over a few posts over the next week or so. You can leave a comment below or email me at if you want any of these pieces. First come, first served! All sizes are Australian.

Also, I apologise in advance for some of these photos - they're really shit!

And man, do I shop a lot at Target!

btw - does anyone know how I can upload a pic into a post and have it automatically go at the end of the post rather than at the top? What a pain in the proverbial!!

A) Brand: Autograph Desc: black crepe dress pants (hem undone); Size: 18

C) Brand: Crossroads; Desc: Olive green tie up top. Size: 18

F) Brand: Kmart Now; Desc: short sleeve blue top with v neck; Size: 18

G) Brand: Kmart Now; Desc: Grey & Blue PJ's 3/4 pants and singlet top (missing a couple decorative buttons); Size: 16

H) Brand: Girl Xpress; Desc: Red tshirt - He's so 5 Minutes Ago. (Never worn) Size 16

I) Brand: Jeanswest; Desc: Pewter Top with elastic around bottom band, tie up shoulder strap; Size: L

J) Brand: Girl Xpress; Desc: Brown tshirt (Never worn); Size: 16

K) Brand: Kmart Now; Desc: White cotton shirt; Size: 18

L) Brand: Piper; Desc: Black shirt with pockets; Size: 18

M) Brand: Piper; Desc; As black top above except it's an olive green colour; Size: 18


  1. Em I love it all!! You probably want to share it out to a few people, but if not, I'd happily have it all. Will pay you for postage (do you want anything for the clothes??) - I'm over in Vic.

    Whiz me an email to osc_hobb @ hotmail . com (without the spaces of course) and let me know.


  2. Hmm hadn't thought about postage. How bout this - if its under $10 I'll shout the postage. If it's more who ever wants them pays postage. Clothes items themselves are free.

    Sue, you're first in for this whole lot, so you can have them but so other bloggers get a look in on the next lot, you can't put up your hand for 3 days. Is that ok?

    Em :)