Monday, April 19, 2010

Facebook & Email Contact

Frick, trying to figure a way to let you know my email address without giving it to the whole world is too bloody hard!!! I thought that whole "Gravatar" thing was supposed to be public. Oh well.

Not to be too cloak and dagger about it, but if you want to add me on facebook, send me an email to and I will give you my full name to search.

There's lots of things I like about wordpress but increasingly more things (like this) that are bugging me. With my banditblossum wordpress buddy abandoning me for blogspot, perhaps I should give blogspot another go. I used to have another blog there a few years ago and found it very user unfriendly and the layout pages weren't particularly attractive (I'm not creative, so have to depend on others!). But given that 95% of bloggers I follow are there maybe I'll give it another go. Will see how hard it is to import all my posts from here over there. What are everyone's thoughts?

Will get back to you in a few weeks on the clothes issue. I commented below but just to repeat, I have no idea what I've got really and my sister wants first dibs, so I'll try to sort through it over the next couple of weeks, then post some pics.

Em :)


  1. Move to would be so much easier for people to follow you. I am probably ok for clothes so don't panic as so many of my old clothes are fitting me again so I will be ok. Sorry I don't want to join anyone on Facebook as only 2 people know about my band!!!

  2. Yeah I agree - move to blogger. lol though that said, I finally figured out a few months ago to just add you so you come up on the list anyway. But you must be due for a change of blog page huh (I get bored easily.. hence my changes. sigh)

  3. It wasn't very hard - I can't remember exactly how I did it but it was quick I spent a night on it (but that included making it pretty) :-)

    I think I just googled how to export a wordpress blog into blogger and from there it was pretty simple.