Friday, August 7, 2009

Latest Update

Hi all, how are you?

I'm feeling quite refreshed from my few days in Melbourne over the weekend. But first things first - weigh in. Was completely ecstatic to have lost 400g this fortnight (no weigh in last Friday as was away). I ate and drank like a champion over the past week, but luckily all the walking around in Melbourne has helped out. I'm now in the 77's!!! YAY! I also did my measurements today. First time since March. I was over the moon with the results. Since March, 5 months ago, I have lost 34.5cm! Here's the results since last time:

  20/03/20097/08/2009      Loss
Neck32  31        1
R Arm3431.5      2.5
L Arm3432         2
Chest9593         2
Waist8479         5
Hips113.5100.5        13
R Leg60.556       4.5
L Leg60.556       4.5

 I'm pretty amazed with the hips and waist measurements. I was wondering what coul have led to this (the previous 3 months I'd only lost 10cm all up), and considering my weight hasn't dropped too much since then and guess what I started on the 19th March? Pilates. Could it be? This is really the only change in my routine. hehehe guess what? I just checked out my weight and I was 87kgs in 20th March so I've lost 9.3kgs since then - avg 490g per week loss. So yeah I have lost weight too but still those measurements are awesomesauce. I have been getting heaps of compliments and although I don't feel like I'm getting smaller, I guess I am toning and reshaping which is great. Still HATE my arms.

Anyway Melbourne was fantastic. GB and I want to move there... one powerball. We stayed at my Aunty's apartment which is about 200m from Chapel St. Ate at Bistro Guillaume - 2009 Best New Restaurant of the Year in Australia. It was awesome. We saw Avenue Q which, whilst slightly disturbing, was pretty bloody hilarious. That night we even walked home from the city (about 5kms). We also had a great lunch at Donovan's in St Kilda - saw Ian Hewie Hewitson having lunch with his family there too! We walked around the DFO in the city and around Bridge Rd and Swan St in Richmond, up and down Chapel Street. It was truly fantastic. Had a great meal at Movida's too which is allegedly Australia's best tapas. I'm still partial to Duende but it was very very good that's for sure.

I had a few issues with PBing and cramps everytime I ate something. I've got a terrible feeling I have a band slip. Also got some nice night reflux last night too. It doesn't matter what time I eat dinner, I always feel like it's still sitting in my easophagus (spelling anyone?) when I go to bed. I have an appointment next Wednesday so I'm going to ask for the dreaded barium swallow to check things out. Fingers crossed it's all good.

Ok well I better get back to work. Will try to catch up on everyone's blogs soon.

Em :)


  1. Damnit, you were here and I didn't know? Bother, bother bother. Sounds like you did some good stuff too. Next time. Good luck with the swallow - mine is next Friday. Must be the season for swallowing.

  2. Hi Em,

    Jeez, I hope it's not a band slip. What do they do if that happens? I have wondered.
    I haven't been to Melbourne yet though will be soon enough. Think MOTH kids and I are moving to Tassie. So maybe we will be neighbours if you move to Melb lol. I hope to get on the plane over there a few times.. at only 50 per person one way, I'd be insane not too.
    Sounds like you had a great time! Really nice that you enjoyed it. Congrats on the weight loss. You are killing it!! xx

  3. Well done on the measurements there chick. Looking mighty fine!