Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Food Diary

LBG wanted to know what I was eating so I'll update this post each day with what I eat. I'm by no means the healthiest eater and I know there's things I can do better but at the same time this is a lifestyle change and not a diet and I love food!

Monday 20th July

8.30am-11am - 300ml light iced coffee (PB'd)
9.30am - 1 mint choc biscuit
1pm - 1 sm tin tuna with sundried tomatoes and onion
2.30pm - 1 crunchie
7pm - grilled chicken thigh & vermicilli noodle salad

Exercise: 30mins bike; 15mins weights at gym

Tuesday 21st July

10am - Banana buzz boost juice
12.30pm - 3 Premium high fibre crackers with vegemite
2.30pm - Nestle peppermint crisp
6.30pm - Canneloni
8.30pm - small glass of coke
9.30pm - handful of shapes

Exercise: 20mins bike, 10mins treadmill (both using the HR zone trainer); 1 hr dancing class

Wednesday 22nd July

9.30am - Skinny hot chocolate
1pm - Nestle diet yoghurt
2.30pm - violet crumble
8pm - LBG's mushroom risotto (PB'd)

Exercise: 10mins treadmill (incl 4mins jogging at 8.5km/hr); 20mins bike on HR Zone

I had a migraine, reflux, night cough, PB/vomit and the works on Wednesday night, which led to no sleep at all. Really hoping it's related to TTOM and  not a band slip.

Thursday 23rd July
(due to night before didn't eat much of anything)

11.30am - cold milo
3pm - handful of potato chips (PB'd)
5.30pm - crunchie
8pm - 4 oven chips (PB'd)

Had the night cough/PB about midnight but slept through rest of night thank goodness

Friday 24th July

9am - 11am - 100ml (if that) of light iced coffee (think I need to PB it too)


  1. Thanks for sharing your diary. I see I'm not so unusual then because I was thinking about this very thing just yesterday. Its a rare day that goes by when I don't have something I shouldn't, be it a small piece of chocolate or a biscuit. But I also put it into perspective. Now I just have a little bit (last night I made raisin bread for hubby and I and whereas before I would have loaded it up with butter and jam I only had a scrape of both and just the ONE piece and felt satisfied. Whooo)
    Ouch to PB'ing the iced coffee though.
    You are doing SUCH an amazing job!!

  2. Sorry that my risotto gave you a PB!

    You really don't eat all that much! Doesn't it worry you that you're not getting the proper nutrients?

    Very interesting! Thanks for posting :)

    LBG xx

  3. Yeah probably not a good week to put up a food diary as it was TTOM and I struggle badly with food. Normally I would eat a bit more than that though and not PB! I do worry about nutrients and I try to take multi vitamins (when I remember). Unfortunately I still have issues at the moment and I'm worried about a band slip. Have an appt next week so going to ask for the dreaded barium swallow to check it out.