Friday, July 17, 2009

More Fill Removed

Hey kids,

I'm in a much better place now after a couple of nights sleep without waking up every couple of hours choking and coughing. I went to see Dr Bowater on Wednesday  morning. He admitted that they really have no idea when restriction just reappears for no apparent reason but that it was good that I came in to have it fixed rather than struggle on. He removed 0.5ml (more than I wanted) and said that if within 7 days I feel like I'm slipping into the "yellow zone" where I'm eating too much, getting too hungry then I should go back and he'll put a touch back in. He also said my results were pretty awesome, with my graph showing a steady decline. He asked me what my goal was, to which I replied: 72kgs and he said "way too low, your goal should be 77kgs". Screw that, I've seen myself in the mirror and I have way more than 1.5kgs of fat to lose!

He also went through the 7 rules he has found that the most successful bandits stick to:

1. No breakfast. He asked if I drank hot drinks which I said no, so he said I should have a cup of warm water early then again at 10am

2. Light lunch - eg tin tuna in olive oil

3. Nil in afternoon - no snacking!

4. Healthy dinner - eg fish & vegies

5. Nil in evening

6. 200 mins of movement outside work per week

7. Alcohol - he asked how much I drank which I said usually a couple glasses wine on the weekend which he said was fine

Haven't tried the warm water thing yet, seems a bit gross to me! I think I already do No's 2, 4 and 6 for the most part but not sure about the no snacking!!!

GB and I finished our Level 1 dancing course this week and have joined up for Level 2. I have a lot of fun and I even think GB enjoys it (even if he won't admit it!).

Pissed that Julie made it to the Masterchef final when she's been skating in the bottom 3 of contestants the entire show! Don't get me wrong, she seems like a lovely person, but can't seem to handle pressure well and her food is nowhere near the level of others who have left. Vent over.

Anyway best get back to work and dealing with complaining annoying bastards all day. Thank god the weekend is nearly here!

PS - Have put a weight graph page into my blog. Link at the top amongst the other pages FYI


  1. OK so have I got this right, we're NOT supposed to be eating breakky? Just a warm drink in the morning? I normally have a cup of tea or coffee in the morning and can't really eat anything until lunch anyway.

    You're doing SO great with your weight loss! OMG you're nearly at goal!! Fantastic!! Post up what you're eating.. I'd dying to see.

    LBG xx

  2. Yeah apparently he's not fussed about breakfast!

    Will try and remember to post what I'm eating...

  3. My doc said the same thing.. he said when I'm running in the sweet spot I probably wont want breakfast. Hmm. As for the warm water (I have been drinking this for years.. great for the skin and flushing out toxins) pop a squeeze of fresh lemon in. Its much more palatable.
    I am going to remember this episode of yours, and if I'm ever overfilled Im in quick smart. You poor girl, you have suffered.
    PS Julie won.. whoohooo (just to rub it in.. lol but I am pleased. I liked her .. 2nd choice was Chris but he got shafted.. oops .. bit mean I thought, he was GOOD!!