Friday, July 3, 2009


Fricken hell, that kilo has been a pain in the arse!!! Today I've officially weighed in the 70's. No great loss by any means (400g) but I'm just so relieved to have made it! I don't think I've weighed in the 70's since primary school - seriously. I've lost nearly 40kgs since getting the lapband which is just full on amazing! I've been truly blessed to have been on this journey with the fiance as I know I couldn't have done it without him. It really helps to have someone who knows EXACTLY what's going on when you have a funny look on your face after not chewing enough and even though we still try to order way too much food when we're out, we still do go out, and one of us usually scopes out where the toilets are just in case!

Even though my weightloss has slowed down significantly I don't want any more fill. I like that I only PB rarely now and can eat most things but still feel full after a cup or so. I still get very restricted at TTOM and wouldn't want that any worse than it's been. I know I could do more exercise and drink more water and that's my plan to get the last 7-8kgs off.

So anyway, congratulations to Myf who is getting married today . WOO HOOOOOOO!!!!

Em :)


  1. You made it!! Into the 70's she goes. That's such great news, seriously, and 40 kg off (thats how much I need to lose all up.. so there's hope) is absolutely amazing!!! Congrats!!!
    Thanks for the advice re: restriction too (and the tapas.. I will look out for those!!) I want the next three weeks to fly so I can get my next fill lol. Again thanks xx

  2. Congratulations Em! Wow, the 70s are a distant dream for me right now. I'll be happy to crack 100 by my birthday.

    Well done you good thing on doing so very well. You're ace!

  3. WOOHOOO COngratulations babe what an acheivement.