Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finally an update!

My apologies to my many loyal readers for not updating in so long, just after I had begged everyone to leave me comments! How rude of me! I have been meaning to for so long but work and life just seemed to get in the way. That and the fact that weight wise, very little is going on - up down up down up down, and I doubt people wanted to hear that every week! But you have all been on my mind and I even downloaded the wordpress app for my iphone so I could post a blog from that and I still couldn't find time to do it!!

So what's been happening? Not a great deal unfortunately. Whilst my lovely GB is going great guns, crossing off his 2008 goals like they were easy as pie, I have been struggling mentally and physically. I could eat almost anything I wanted. Hell, I even got a big mac down for McHappy Day (hey It's for the kids!), even though it took me about 40mins to get through it! But that is not good. I went and saw the new fill doctor who's started at Watson's rooms last Thursday and we decided to put .75mls in. He did the fill a bit differently from Watson - had me lifting my head and my legs at the same time! It was like a horror abs workout! He did a removal and put back in again to see exactly how much and now I have 5mls in there. Immediate restriction which is great. I've had to get back into the habit of small mouthfulls and chew chew chewing, but I'm getting there. I can't tell you how awesome it is not to feel hungry all morning and afternoon!

GB and I have finally got back into some semblance of an exercise routine too. Went to the gym Monday - Thursday last week after work which has been fantastic. I bought GB a Nintendo Wii for his birthday at the end of October and we bought a Wii Fit a couple of weeks ago. It's quite fun but I was not impressed when it turned my little Wii Mii (your own likeness) into a big fatty poombah! Oh and the little "ouch" sound every time you stand on the board - NOT FUNNY JAN! But you can certainly work up a sweat doing some of the programs - especially the hula hoop one!

On another tangent, I had can't remember if I said that I had to apply for the job I'd been acting in since October 07. They held off interviews till I got back from holidays which was great. And my appointment was confirmed a few weeks ago so I'm officially permanent at my job which is a great feeling.

I went to a friend's wedding last weekend. Wore a dress. Yes, a dress. Felt a bit like a goose actually and had such a tight behinder binder on that I swear my port was sticking out my back!!! But it was totally worth it because the bride's cousin told my sister that I was totally hot. Ha HA!!!

Caught up on most people's blogs last week and was sorry to hear that many of you out there have been going through some tough times and some have taken breaks from blogging. So I'm sending out good vibes and wishes to Myf, LapbandGirl, Cat, Bridget and everyone else who's been struggling of late.

Anyway, I'll seriously try to not be so long between posts, if you all promise to keep checking in!

Check you all soon,

Em :)


  1. Hey Em,

    Glad to see you're still blogging! How is your back pain going as well. Great to see GB doing well, but that must be tough for you considering that you guys are doing the journey together...

    Much love xxx

  2. Very glad to see you blogging again - and thank you.

    Congrats on officially having your job now - that must be a weight off your mind.

    Oh, and hearing you look hot at a wedding - sounds pretty damn good to me!!

    You'll get there

    Myf xox

  3. Hey, thanks for the good vibes, Em.

    Congrats on the new job. That's awesome.

    Sound like you're struggling a bit too, so I'm sending some good vibes back your way.

    And yay for Wii Fit. If I don't get one for Christmas from someone, I'm going to buy one, I reckon.