Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 6 Optifast

Ok. Have told GB to get rid of the lollies. Only did a small walk yesterday coz I wanted to be back in time for The Biggest Loser. (Geez that Michael guy cries a lot!)

Mouth tastes like a sewer today - and I couldn't be more excited - does this mean that elusive ketosis has appeared??? Headache has been on and off again - poo - thought I was rid of it! Tried the chocolate opti bar yesterday... it was weird but I didn't hate it. But it did take me nearly 2 hours to eat. It's a funny texture.

I'm finally graduating tonight after 7 years of uni! Have been studying part time and working full time during that period and it has been tough. I picked up my regalia yesterday and was super disappointed to find I don't get a cap to throw in the air! :( So sad. Apparently Bachelor graduands don't get them. Anyhoo, it will be good to get my two pieces of paper (Bachelor of Commerce - Professional Accounting and a Bachelor of Arts - Media Analysis).

 Anyhoo, better do some work

Em :)

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  1. Congratulations on graduating - sucks about the cap though. I know what you mean about the opti bars - they have the weirdest texture and took me forever to eat. Trust me, water is your best friend right now - it helps with the headaches.

    I wonder how many boxes of tissues they get through on the Biggest Loser - they all seem to cry so much.

    Well done on the lollies - that can be really hard.