Monday, March 31, 2008

Recovery Day 12

Hey kids,

Back at work today - bummer! This past 10 days off work, even though I've been sore and grumpy at times has been a really terrific break. GB and I just hanging out together, watching tv and movies, playing with Westie, going for walks, relaxing it's been really great.

So it took me most of this morning to go through all my emails! It's weird, the past week or so I could go from having my morning Optifast shake for breakfast around 8.30am and go through till 3pm before I started getting hungry. Today though I had my shake at 7am, was hungry by 10am so I had a Multi-V juice box; had a cup a soup for lunch at just after 12 and here it is, 2.15pm and I'm hungry AGAIN!!! What's that about?

My scars are healing nicely, mostly. The larger ones are anyway. The small one on the right is still weeping where the glue has come off and although I'm keeping it covered with one of those waterproof dressings, my skin around it is becoming irritated and red so I might go to the chemist after work and look for something else to cover it with. The others are drying up all good though.

GB is cracking on fantastically. I think he's up to about 12kgs lost. Everyone has been noticing (especially today at work). We've only told our immediate family about the surgery. We told everyone else that we went away for Easter and are on a super strict diet for at least a month (to cover invites out while we're on the fluid and mushie stages). GB did crack a kilkenny or two last night though to celebrate our purchase as we had a couple of friends over. Anyway he's looking fabulous, he's tummy is flattening and his face is so thin! I'll see if he'll let me take a pic and post it tonight. I'm so proud of him!

My weight loss has slowed down as expected - I'm at 6.7kg lost which I'm happy with. I'd like to be around 7-10kgs lost by the 1 month mark and our fill appointment.

We've both got a goal for July 26th as that's when we're off to Europe for 6 weeks. I want to lose 20kgs by then and GB wants to be around 100kg mark. I think he'll have no problems doing that at all.

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  1. You are doing so well - I would love to know why work gives me the hungries too - I've got no idea why I can exist on half the food on weekends. Go figure.