Sunday, March 23, 2008

Recovery - Day 4

Today I'm finally starting to feel a bit normal. I'm super tired though and carrying my belly around like I'm preggers, but I can nearly see the light. It's been a tough few days since getting home on Thursday. Haven't eaten much at all - a bit of soup or jelly and some water is about it. Chewing on de-gas pills as much as I can tolerate. That peppermint tea should be kept for torture because it tastes like poo. The shoulder tip pain has been nearly unbearable at times. I've been hot and cold - running the a/c full time and GB is freezing the poor love. In a lovely twist of fate, my period rocked up on Thursday and I'm not due for 2 more weeks. I can only assume that the anaesthetic, stress or pills have had this effect. Our lovely pooch Westie has been fantastic. Dogs must sense when things are up because she hasn't jumped up on me once since getting home, and barely leaves my side. Have lost 4.4kgs since Wednesday morning! GB has lost just slightly more.

My arm has lovely bruises on it where I've had not 1 but 3 IV's! Not sure what that was all about - didn't think to ask. The stomach wounds have been glued together as previously explained by Doc Watson. They're all looking ok.

I had what I can only assume to be a PB (Productive Burp) on Friday. My wind pain was terrible and I thought I was going to vomit which terrified me as I had been taking anti nausea pill to stop this as it can cause the band to slip. I ran into the bathroom and kind of .... well "hurked" is the only word I can think of. It wasn't a vomit, it kind of came from my chest rather than stomach, and I burped as some spit came up.

So if I can get this wind pain under control I'd feel a whole lot better. GB took Westie for a walk to the shops to get the paper today and has realised that he's not superman, feeling pretty sore for his efforts. I walked to the letterbox and back and was knackered!

Anyway, happy easter and have and egg and a hot cross bun for me!


  1. Walk to the letterbox again - and again, and again. Walking was the one thing that really helped me get on top of the wind. It doesn't have to be far, but go as often as you can.