Saturday, March 8, 2008

Day 3 Optifast

Hey Ho,

 To recap on yesterday - still had the headache all day (must be detoxing). Ended up having the bar for lunch (GB picked it up) and ate it on the way to the funeral. Had the choc shake for dinner. I also had a handful of lollies (WHOOPS!) ... bugger!

GB has also given me permission to share the fact that he is also going to be lapbanded with me. We're getting done on the same day even. So we will be super supportive of each other because we will be going through the same thing. We weren't going to tell anyone at all about being banded but then my sister and her boyfriend were going to be living with us at the time of the surgery so we told them because it would be pretty hard to hide it from people living with you - and they can look after the pooch! Now, they've moved out because they've found another place to stay but they're still going to stay overnight while we're in hospital. GB also decided this morning to tell his folks. Main reason being that his GP told his mum yesterday that his blood test results were in - RUDE - what happened to patient/doctor confidentiality? Needless to say she wanted to know what was up. I'm glad he's telling them as it will make it a WHOLE lot easier as they invite us over a lot and would have thought us very rude not to eat a whole plate of dinner! I think I'll probably tell my mum and my other sister too for the same reasons. We won't be telling our friends though which will be interesting as we're a very social bunch. We're just going to say we're on a diet. We'll see how it goes.

I'm at work today and bored... lucky there's no food around!


Em :)

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  1. The headache will pass - I promise - just go nuts with the water. I found that really helped.

    That is fantastic that the 2 of you are being done together - talk about the best real time support. Congratulations. It sucks about his GP though - that is absurd.