Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Recovery - Day 6

Well I'm feeling a lot better today. I had a good night's sleep with no shoulder tip pain at all too. It's still difficult to bend and my abdomen is still quite sore but my gas pain has really disapated. Don't get me wrong - I am buggered. Really tired. This morning we went to Office works, then to my dad's for my sister's 6th birthday for an hour, then to the shops for 30mins, then to my nonna's for about 30mins and I was ready for a nap! GB is suffering a bit today. Yesterday he had some diarrhoea and today he's had gas pain in the chest. He's in bed now with some soup. Hopefully he'll feel better soon.

Some of my wounds look a bit funny, the small one in the middle at the top looks a bit pussy and the two small ones on each side are almost black. I took some photos yesterday so I'm going to email them to Doc Watson to see what he thinks.

Neither of us have been too hungry which is good, but both of us are feeling quite lethargic so better start downing some berocca I think.


  1. If you've got some pus going on get it checked now! An infection is the last thing you need. Fingers crossed it will be OK for you.

    Vitamins are your friend - trust me - they make such a difference - just let it go flat first - otherwise - belch city.

    I hear you on the tired - napping is your friend. Hope GB is feeling better soon.

  2. Oh wow... sounds like lots of hard work to me...

    I sure hope it all settles down for both of you...
    Oh I didnt have the hot cross bun for you as I am gluten intollerant.. but I will dedicate the cadbury creme egg I ate tonight to you... ;o)

  3. Hey Em, look after those wounds! I hope the tired eases off for you soon.

    I pointed a friend of mine who is getting banded next week in your direction, she's looking forward to being able to see what's just ahead as you blog it just before she gets there :)