Friday, March 7, 2008

Day 2 Optifast

Well yesterday I started the Optifast and luckily I don't hate it! I had the coffee shake for brekkie which I talked myself into believing it was just like Iced Coffee and then the choc shake for lunch. Had the cappucino bar for dinner which wasn't as nice as I thought it would be, it was really difficult to eat those last couple of bites. Hunger wasn't too bad. I started getting hungry for lunch about 11am which is pretty normal! Started getting hungry for dinner about 3.30pm! That's usually the time I grab a chocolate at work but managed to stay away from the choc fridge! After dinner I was ok. I did have a pretty shocking headache from about 5pm. I reminded "GB" (Gorgeous Boy) that by all accounts I will be all grumpy on optifast and that to add injury to insult it was also TTOTM so I suspect it will be a pretty awful week!

 This morning had the coffee shake again - all good. We have a funeral at lunch time and I forgot to throw one of the bars in my bag so will have to swing home on the way or past the chemist.

Thanks for your comments, I love to read them!

That's it for now.... Em x

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  1. I loved the coffee Opti shake - it was the one thing that kept me happy - I had to space them out of I would have drunk the whole box in 3 days.

    Good luck with the bars - I didn't have a whole lot of love for them :)