Thursday, March 13, 2008

Day 8 Optifast

Hey ho,

So I've taken advice of my readers and stayed off the scales this morning! The boy has hidden the lollies so haven't had any for 2 days. I haven't had chocolate in over a week (a miracle!). I've been drinking at least 2 litres of water per day and sticking to 3 optifast products per day (shakes & bar). I haven't been having the 2 cups of vegies as I'm not a fan!

I think it's ironic that Doc Watson told us it was up to us if we even wanted to do Optifast as our BMI's weren't as high but I wanted to give it my best shot so I'm doing 3 meals and GB is doing 2 optifast meals per day. And here I am struggling and the boy is losing kilo after kilo! Damn!

Oh well - enough whinging from me - I'm sure it's doing the desired job on my liver!

We've got our pre-admission appointment tomorrow afternoon. GB called the doctor's rooms the other day to make sure they've got all the documentation and paid for it all so we're all good to go! Apparently I'm going in at 12 and GB in at 1pm. So we have to fast from 5 and 6am respectively. Which I guess that mean's I'll have to get up at 4am to have something to eat so I don't STARVE TO DEATH!!!

This time next week, it'll be all over and we should be home!

That's it, have a good one!

 Em :)


  1. Bloody men - it always happens like that! Hasn't time just flown - I can't believe it is nearly time for you already. You are doing well - congratulations.

  2. Yay for the scale holiday ! You are now free to concerntrate on the things that really matter, you and GB ! I know you must have all your preps in order, may I suggest two soft pillows for the ride home, I found this tip invaluable as understandably your tummies are going to be tender, I used mine to support my tummy. You sound really ready now to get on with it all. So now your mind is focused the rest will follow ! You guys are amazing to have decided to be banded together, you will know what each other is going thru. I am moving onto 'mushies' today, gotta 'love' that word not ! Have upped my walking to 2 kms a day, and feeling good, it is day 14 for me. Well done Em for packing away the scales, I too know how hooked one can get, hence mine are locked in the shed.
    Have a fabulous weekend guys