Friday, March 28, 2008

Recovery Day 8

Ugh. When will the shoulder tip pain end? Just when you think you're on the mend, it drags you back in. GB on the other hand has announced he's 100% back to normal. Well good for him. I'm itchy as hell too. You know how when you get really sunburned and you start peeling and your shirt catches on the peeling skin and its gross? Well that's the relationship I'm having with my glue and it's on my stomach - icky! Emailed Watson pics of my wounds and haven't heard back yet. They don't seem to be getting worse and they're not sore or anything so I'm sure it'll be ok.

For some reason I still cant sleep on my left side which BP (before banding) was my preferred side. Now I get the ripper shoulder pain coursing through my body - not fun. So it's sleep on my back or right side or nothing. Actually I'm sleeping pretty well at the moment so I shouldn't complain.

Weight wise - I've been sitting on a 5.5kg loss for 3 or 4 days now and as of yesterday GB had lost 9kg - In one week that's amazing! You can really tell in his face and stomach too. I'm so proud of him. We're both so sick of fluids though - bring on the mushie stage!!!!

My thong broke today :(


  1. I took about 6 weeks to sleep on my left side - my port is over there, and it was excruciating every time I rolled over on to it. Can you try propping yourself with pillows - I found that helped.

    Poor you - I hope the shoulder tip eases soon.

    5.5kgs is fantastic - congratulations!

  2. That is a great loss ! I too found the port side sore, the pillow was good to hold against my tummy when getting out of bed or rolling over. I am one month post op tommorow and it is much improved and can now manage belly sleeping yay I wish I had a bloggy thing too but so far the teenagers have not been to generous in helping set one up. MJ tried to leave a msg on ur blog but dont have google account will need to set it up. You are doing fantastically. I am in a strange place with the band, like it is surreal and not there at all. I am able to eat just about anything, which is scaring me big time. I am reingning myself in today as my wt loss has stalled even going back to shakes. My fill is forever away, 3rd May :(. Anyhow enough whingeing from me, this is your blog after all. May your healing get better and faster each day.

  3. wow that is a long time to wait for a fill - we're booked in for our first fill on 18th April and have another appt booked for mid May.

    Thanks for your comments guys

    Em :)