Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Day 12 Optifast

Blues and Roots was terrific. Eskimo Joe played a few songs accoustically and with a six piece string accompanying them - they rocked! Jools Holland and his rhythm and blues band was sensational! Watched a few songs from John Fogerty but he seemed lost on stage and changing guitars about 4 times before a song and so we lost interest and left.

Optifast schmoptifast. My eye is on Wednesday now and it's becomming even harder to stick to optifast.

Getting nervous and scared now. Today I went out and bought peppermint tea, soluable panadol, berocca but couldn't get the chewable degas tablets. Decided to buy some nice new white cotton undies in the hopes that they wont make me wear those awful paper undies to surgery! Fingers crossed hey! Also started stressing about what we are allowed to eat for the first 2 weeks. The nurse told us only clear fluids but then i've read sites (and lapband books) that say basically anything that will go through a straw is ok like flavoured milk and soups etc. So confused a bit on that one.

2 sleeps to go!


  1. You've probably seen different things from everyone - every dietician/surgeon gives you different instructions. Apple and pear juice or pear juice is a clear fluid - make sure you have some!

    Do what your dietician says - that is the way your surgeon works. It is so weird though - they all say such different things for what is essentially the same surgery.

  2. As above mj is right, everyones surg is different. I scored well mine let me have anything that would go up a straw, after 1 day of clear fluids. Well I am off for a walk.