Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Day 7 Optifast

AARRRGGGHHHH What do I have to do? 100g! I was soo good yesterday, nothing but 3 optifast meals all day and 2 litres of water! I know I'm sure it's doing the desired job on my liver but it's so discouraging seeing people lose 5-10kgs in 2 weeks on optifast and in a week I've only lost 1.3kg! I've lost more than that on a WW diet and I got to eat proper food! OK Vent over.

Graduation was nice last night. My mum, sisters and GB came to watch. Got my degrees, the boy bought me a bear, I looked like Harry Potter. Good times. Will load pics on flickr. Ironically, I'm interviewing kids for a Business Graduate position at work today. Was interviewing 7 but now down to 4 as 3 have pulled out. 1 of whom was due to interview this morning at 9.30am and just didn't rock up - no call or anything. Bloody kids today!

Anyway, better take this opportunity to do some work!



  1. Hi Em okay first things first, BIG congratulations on your graduation fantastic, you look lovely and happy in your pics.
    Optifast, well I dont know too much about it. Tony ferguson yes, so here is my 5 cents worth. Put the scales away, they are taunting you and you dont need them. Remember to drink your water 2 litres, walk, stay clear of coffee, and trust in your body, it does know what to do. Please dont compare either, we all work differently, like I said mine was most likely fluid. Sounds like ketosis is well and truly on the way, if so there should be little appetite, funny taste in mouth and some more energy, is that happening ? Some people dont lose if they dont have enough water. If you want lollies btw, try sugar free you can have upto six a day. Okay lecture over....:) Are you getting excited yet ?
    Best wishes

  2. Em,

    Get off the scales!!! And stay off them! They are not your friend. Trust your body. Trust yourself. Are you allowed vegies too? I was allowed 2 cups a day and I think they saved my sanity.

    Great photos too.


  3. Thanks for your comments guys, maybe I will stay off the scales for a few days. I have been drinking at least 3 litres of water a day, no coffee, soft drinks, cordial or anything like that. Have managed to stay away from lollies since day before yesterday and no chocolate for a week! I am allowed vegies but not that big a fan anyway so haven't been having them.

    I am getting excited - it's paid for and have our pre admission appt at hospital on Friday! YAY!

  4. I just started the optifast and weighed in for the first time yesterday after week 1. I lost a total of 14 lbs the first week.